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  • SignalForce

  • SignalForce - Air Cooled Shakers

    SignalForce - Air Cooled Shakers

    Air-cooled shakers are the workhorses for many component testing applications such as automotive assemblies and consumer electronics equipment. The Data Physics range includes many shaker models with axial guidance bearings and 2 inches (50mm displacement) and our largest air-cooled model offers 2.5 inches (63.5mm) continuous displacement.

  • SignalForce - Model M series - Inertial Shakers

    SignalForce - Model M series - Inertial Shakers

    The M series of modal shakers use linear bearings, in place of the more common suspension systems, to produce virtually zero axial stiffness and virtually zero mechanical damping. When combined with Data Physics’ linear amplifiers, operating in current mode, the resultant system force output will exhibit typically less than 1% electrical damping and the phase shift between drive current and force output will be typically less than 1°.

  • SignalForce - Water Cooled Shakers

    SignalForce - Water Cooled Shakers

    Data Physics’ range of water cooled shakers are used for many different applications, such as testing automotive sub-assemblies, military and defence components, large electronic components, and even fully assembled satellites. By utilising the dual hydrostatic bearings that are incorporated in the shaker design, payloads with high overturning moments can be tested without the need for external guidance systems. The water cooled shakers may also...