Datastick Systems, Inc.

Datastick Systems, Inc.

Datastick Systems, Inc., provides extreme portability at affordable prices. ROI in most cases is very fast: averting one bearing failure can pay for a Datastick vibration analyzer as much as 40 to 50 times over. There are many other benefits. Datastick offers the most lightweight instrument on the market. Speed of training is in hours, not days. Finally, ease of use is not surpassed by any competing product. Datastick’s data collection and analysis instruments utilize commercially available, off-the-shelf handheld computers. A typical Datastick system consists of a hardware attachment for the handheld computer plus software for the handheld and for the PC. If you want, you can enable everyone inth egroup to make changes and view the results. From anywhere in the world.

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1900 Camden Ave., Suite 101 , San Jose , California 95124-2944 USA
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Noise and Vibration
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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This is because Datastick enables its customers to capitalize on advances and cost savings in some of today’s most rapidly expanding technologies: off-the-shelf handheld computers, open compatibility software, sensors, and mobile and wireless technologies. Datastick products supplement — and in many cases replace — costly top-of-the-line instruments for mobile data collection and analysis tasks.

Commercially available sensors are then attached to the Datastick hardware, turning the unit into a complete handheld test and measurement instrument. In most cases, the Datastick hardware module powers the sensor and can power the handheld when needed. Accessories such as external batteries and rugged cases extend the functionality of the product line. Kits make a complete package for the mobile technician or engineer.

Datastick software on the handheld provides for the capture, sharing, display, and analysis of data gathered from the attached sensors. Transfer of measurement data to the PC is fast and easy. Once on the PC, Datastick software for the PC enables further analysis. Because the PC software is open — based on Microsoft Excel — sharing and emailing of measurement files within and outside the enterprise is fast and easy.

Incorporated in 1999, Datastick shipped its first product in late 1999. Datastick holds numerous “firsts” for PDA-based test and measurement utilizing the Palm OS, including: first general-purpose test and measurement device, first to offer multiple channels, first to offer multirange inputs, first to offer wireless Bluetooth capability, and many more. In addition, Datastick has made significant technical improvements in vibration analysis technology. Patents are pending for a number of Datastick technologies. All of Datastick’s hardware and software products are designed and created in the USA.

Datastick is interested in applications of its technology to specific markets and welcomes inquiries from potential OEMs and channel partners.