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  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

  • Worker - Model DTG2  - Remotely Operated Vehicles System (ROV)

    Worker - Model DTG2 - Remotely Operated Vehicles System (ROV)

    Get more work done. The DTG2 Worker is designed for the ROV operator who needs to retrieve or manipulate objects below the surface as well as have the control of heading and depth with the sensors package. The DTG2 Worker is our most popular model, allowing treasure hunters, search and rescue crews, or someone who lost their sunglasses to easily retrieve objects underwater.

  • Pipe Crawler

  • Model DT340  - Pipe Crawler

    Model DT340 - Pipe Crawler

    Not a Typical Pipe Crawler. It’s the world’s only affordable and portable system. With on-board batteries, deploy from anywhere. Don’t worry about bringing along a generator, the DT340 lasts for 4 – 8 hours on a 1.5 hour charge. Built on the proven ROV design from Deep Trekker, the DT340 pipe crawler can be fully submersed in up to 50 m (164 ft) of water. No dedicated service truck required. Everything you need to complete your...

  • Model DT340S  - Pipe Crawler Package

    Model DT340S - Pipe Crawler Package

    This DT340 S package includes everything you need as a professional pipe inspector. The system includes a pan, tilt and zoom camera to easily view your entire pipe system as well as a tether length counter to know where defects are found within the pipe system. The simple to use handheld controller with integrated viewing screen includes everything you need to operate your DT340 crawler.

  • Aquaculture

  • Model DTG2 Smart - Remotely Operated Vehicles System (ROV)

    Model DTG2 Smart - Remotely Operated Vehicles System (ROV)

    The DTG2 Smart is designed for the ROV operator who needs ultimate control, by providing on-screen sensors for depth, heading and temperature. The sensor package allows the ROV pilot to set auto depth and auto heading, as well as to see water temperature, remaining battery, ROV pitch and roll, depth, and camera angle. This ROV Package is typically used for precise or complex inspections.

  • Model DTX2 Package - Remotely Operated Vehicles System (ROV)

    Model DTX2 Package - Remotely Operated Vehicles System (ROV)

    Built on the proven DTG2 platform, the DTX2 performs in your challenging environments. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft) with robust vectored thrusters to move laterally and work in currents. Integrating vectored thrusters allows for lateral movement in the horizontal plane, and by activating the pitch system, the DTX2 can achieve simultaneous vertical and lateral movement using only 4 thrusters. Staying true to the market need for a fully integrated...

  • Other Products

  • Model 4K  - Ultra HD Camera System

    Model 4K - Ultra HD Camera System

    Introducing 4K ultra high-resolution camera and recording system for the DTG2 and DTX2 remotely operated vehicles. The externally mounted camera system is depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft) in a custom Deep Trekker housing with a direct live feed to your handheld controller.

  • Single Aux Camera

    Single Aux Camera

    Take underwater inspections to a new level.  ROV pilots get additional views that include left/right side, above and below camera angles. This option is a valuable addition for bridge, infrastructure, fish net or wall inspections and a number of other applications. Easily toggle between 1 camera at a time through the hand-held controller for viewing and recording of the selected camera.

  • Hybrid-Power System

    Hybrid-Power System

    Get the best of both worlds with the new hybrid-power system for the DTG2 line of ROVs. Extend your deployments past the 6 – 8 hour battery life to an unlimited run-time while still being able to switch to the on-board battery power at anytime. This optional hybrid-power system includes a lightweight, neutrally buoyant 5 mm tether, with optional lengths up to 150 m (492 ft). The tether is specifically designed to send power to the...

  • Diveable Control System

    Diveable Control System

    Dive with your Deep Trekker ROV, and control it completely while underwater. The self-contained handheld controller with super-bright screen is depth rated to 75 M (246 ft), making it easy for you to send the underwater camera ahead to check out unknown or dangerous areas. Underwater caves or wrecks can now be scoped out while you are underwater. Divers in a potentially dangerous situation are able to investigate unknown areas before entering...