Delta-Energy, LLC

Delta-Energy, LLC

Delta-Energy, LLC, a premier resource recovery company, provides alternative, higher value solutions for tire recycling, including: Recovery of basic raw materials and fuels. Reduction of carbon footprint for already heavily carbon dependent companies in the polymer industry. A means of meeting customer demands for recycled material content.

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PO Box 2219 , Columbus , OH 43216 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Globally (various continents)
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We design, produce and own the plants we make to ensure we are the premier global supplier of recovered carbon black based and organic liquid based products.

Delta-Energy began with a unique premise: a belief that a solution could be found for preserving the properties of recovered carbon black from rubber. The company started in 2001 as a subsidiary of RJ Lee Group, a premier materials science company of 250 people specializing in solving tough scientific issues and developing technologies. Richard Lee, CEO of RJ Lee Group, believed the technical challenge of this initiative provided an opportunity for the rubber industry if successfully solved. Through the guidance of RJ Lee Group’s science advisors and materials analysts, Delta-Energy discovered the combination of operating parameters that best preserves the properties of carbon black recovered from rubber. This makes Delta-Energy unique in the petroleum-based resource recovery field.

Also setting us apart from other companies is our commitment to market the products we produce. This means we have an understanding of the markets for our products. We design, produce and own the plants we make to ensure we are the premier global supplier of recovered carbon black based products. We understand the level of our success depends on making products that meet market performance requirements.

In 2006, the timing was right to spin Delta-Energy from RJ Lee Group as a privately held, independent company. Its Directors are industry people with diverse experience in manufacturing, business ownership and investment banking. The executive managers come from chemical and polymer manufacturing, marketing and sales, plant construction, business ownership, and investment banking fields. They all share the same Delta-Energy values:

  • Caring about and responding to market needs for higher value, innovative solutions that address their technical product and environmental needs.
  • Pride at being this industry’s leader.
  • Maintaining leadership well into the future.


In North America, we use tires at the rate of one tire per person each year. Imagine the challenge of finding a way to reuse 300 million scrap tires in an environmentally friendly way so none are sent to landfills. While plastics, paper and metal can be melted or dissolved for reuse, rubber can not. For decades finding a recycling method that would recover rubber components in a reusable form has presented enormous challenges to industry.

Why is recycling rubber so important? From an economic perspective, huge amounts of petroleum resources are used to manufacture rubber compound. Waste tires, as well as scrap tire piles present fire hazards and insect breading grounds that society wants eliminated. It would be irresponsible of industry not to recover higher value raw materials from tires for reuse in rubber if the technology existed.


What would that technology have to do? Imagine having a way to break rubber down into its organic components for use as fuel, solvent or chemical feedstock. What if that same process also recovered the carbon black and minerals, 40% of tire rubber weight, in a way that allows for their reuse to reinforce rubber or pigment other materials? Quite simply, it would allow users of these materials to reduce their carbon foot print and to join the ranks of industries with significant levels of recycled material content in their products!


Delta-Energy is the first petroleum-based, resource recovery company to make this process possible. Through its one-of-a-kind patented DEPolymerization process, Delta-Energy found the means to recover D-E Black® products with properties comparable to thermal and furnace carbon blacks.

In 2007 Delta-Energy became the first company to commercialize recovered carbon black based product made from scrap rubber.

Success spurs innovation. We at Delta-Energy build on past successes, continuing to search for innovative solutions, and create future products for sustainable, higher value, petroleum-based resource recovery.