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  • Wood Replacement Finished Construction Unit

    Wood Replacement Finished Construction Unit

    We are showing below examples of the Wood Replacement Construction Products produced from Waste Tyres; these products are of high quality, environmentally friendly and economically viable.

  • EOL Tyres

    EOL Tyres

    According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a total of 1 billion end-of-life (EOL) tyres are generated every year globally.There are approximately 4 billion EOL tyres in landfill and stockpiles globally and as they do not decompose, they can be a fire risk which if not dealt with would contaminate the air with toxic fumes. Some landfill tyre-fires have been burning for years.It is estimated that in the UK (as an...

  • Nano Environmental Technology

    Nano Environmental Technology

    Dena Nano Ltd works from its drive to pay back the environment and uses the phrase “Green from Green” to describe the ability to put our technology into action to aid with reducing harmful emissions.

  • Nano - Paint And Coating System

    Nano - Paint And Coating System

    Dena Nanometric processing Systems are designed to utilise several different functions within each production System; de-agglomeration, particle size reduction and homogenising to process the particles suspended in paint & coating down to Nanometric scale. Nano metrics is the process of reducing particle size to Nano scale; our machine can reduce particle size upto 50 Nanometers. We have demonstrated time to time that our technology improves...