DeTect, Inc.

DeTect, Inc. specializes in remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, meteorology, security surveillance and environmental monitoring for projects worldwide. DeTect products include the MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar system for real-time detection and avoidance of hazardous bird activity at commercial airports and military airfields. DeTect developed and offers the MERLIN bird detection radar system for aviation safety and environmental management at landfills, wind turbine farms, and mines. Professional staff includes highly experienced BASH specialists, radar ornithologists, biologists, engineers, and programmers. DeTect’s DroneWatcher provides a multi-layered solution to detection, tracking and interdiction of drones and small Unmanned Aerial Systems. DroneWatcher’s advanced solid state radar combined with radio frequency scanning and a smartphone App provide a custom tailored solution for your airport security and budget requirements.

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1022 West 23rd street , Panama City , 32405 FL USA

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Environmental - Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


DeTect, Inc. specializes in radar remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, security surveillance, environmental management, wind energy and wind measurement supporting projects worldwide with over 180 radar systems installed and operating worldwide. DeTect is fully integrated radar company headquartered in Panama City, Florida, USA with company-owned manufacturing facilities in Florida and Colorado and office-service centers in the US in California, Texas and Virginia (Washington, DC); in Alberta and Montreal, Canada; and in the England, Poland and Spain. The company additionally has representative offices in over 80 countries to support its systems worldwide. DeTect is the world leader in bird radar technologies for aircraft birdstrike avoidance, avian survey and mortality risk mitigation, and industrial bird control with over 100 bird radars installed worldwide to date. The Company's RAPTOR Radar Wind Profiler is the most advanced wind measurement radar available and was in 2010 was selected by the US National Weather Service for the US Next Generation National Profiler Network.

DeTect radar product applications include:

  • Bird-aircraft strike risk alerting
  • Bird & bat survey & risk mitigation
  • Industrial bird control & exclusion
  • Airspace, marine & ground security
  • Aircraft & ultralight detection
  • Border security
  • Radar coverage gap fill systems
  • Automatic obstruction lighting activation
  • Environmental data products & networks
  • Boundary layer, tropospheric & mesospheric wind measurement


Staff & Facility Resources

Professional on-staff resources include over 100 experienced engineers, scientists, aviation safety specialists, meteorologists and technicians that are experts in remote sensing, radar engineering, system integration and environmental management. Our specialized expertise in BASH and wind energy avian risk management includes a unique combination of top radar engineers, programmers, ornithologists, biologists and scientists that provide DeTect clients with the most experienced team of experts in remote sensing of birds and bats in the world - with specific expertise in design, construction and operation of bird/wildlife radar and monitoring systems for real-time aviation safety and environmental management.


Facility resources include over 30,000 square feet of office, laboratory and manufacturing space in Florida and Colorado to support design, development, assembly and testing of radar systems.  Research resources include radar test sites for components and software development, testing and calibration. DeTect radar systems are built to industrial, US military (MILSPEC), European Union (EU CE Mark) and other international standards and incorporate commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) components where possible in order to provide our customers lowered cost of acquisition, lower cost of ownership and ongoing technology insertion and upgrade opportunities over the life of the system.



DeTect systems are in use at facilities and projects worldwide with a proven record of exceptional performance, reliability and operability and over one million hours of successful operating experience. The USAF has purchased seven MERLIN systems to date based on a documented record of reducing aircraft-birdstrike damage and NASA, after evaluation and on-site testing of bird radars, selected DeTect's MERLIN system to support space launch safety for the $2 billion, ordering second MERLIN system in 2007 for the US space vehicle program that were used on 22 launches with 100% uptime. With DeTect, customers are getting more than a radar system - DeTect provides comprehensive application support with each system that includes full concept-of-operations (CONOPS) development, human factors design, system integration, site-specific operation user training and long-term 24-7 support. Each system is supported by DeTect's team of application specialists who have extensive backgrounds and experience in radar systems design, manufacture, siting and, most importantly, integration and use of the technology in the real-world operating environment.