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Develop Training Limited

Develop Training Limited (DTL) is one of the UK`s leading accredited provider of Compliance, Technical, and Safety training. We support over 7,000 firms with their training needs and our clients include some of the UK`s largest and best-known organisations from the Utilities and Construction, Defence, Healthcare, Facilities Management, and Telecommunication sectors. DTL was established in its current form in 2007, but has a history of training and assessment stretching back nearly 50 years. The firm has a staff of over 100 as well as a rich network of associates, sub-contractors and partnerships which form an extended corporate family. DTL provides services for many of the UK`s largest infrastructure companies, in addition to thousands of smaller firms, and trains over 30,000 delegates every year. In the last year, DTL has established a robust Code of Practice and learning model which underpins its whole operation.

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Whitwell , Oakham , Rutland LE15 8BW. United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Training provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

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The breadth and depth of Develop Training's activities may be, in some cases, surprising!
Develop Training is the UK's leading accredited provider of Compliance, Technical, and Safety training.

We train the employees of some of the largest, and most iconic, blue-chip companies in the UK. The vast majority of our clients are from the water, gas and facilities management sectors. Northumbrian Water, Northern Gas Networks and Carillion are already members of our expanding portfolio of clients. We also work with power and telecoms companies, such as National Grid and BT; NHS hospital trusts; the Ministry of Defence; and large infrastructure construction firms, such as Balfour Beatty, Kier Group, and Skanska.

Some of our most popular courses are relevant to almost every sector and business environment. We facilitate safe-working with asbestos; the ability to deal with, and prevent, Legionella; and best practice Confined Space training.

Training Approach
Although we offer an annual 'Open Course Programme' on which any firm, or individual, may book places the vast majority of our training takes places through the provision of bespoke courses. These courses can be held at any one of our six UK training centres or, if preferred and practical, at client premises. Develop Training is extraordinarily flexible in its approach.

Develop Training is also highly innovative. We provide systems integrated web portals for clients to track, manage and maintain training records. These also provide automatic reminders for training needs to ensure continual compliance. Most recently, working closely with Siemens, Develop Training has established UK-wide Smart Meter training capabilities. Additionally, the content of a number of our specialist courses, such as those involving leakage detection, gas pressure control, and airfield ground lighting is unrivalled in the UK.

Internationally, too, we continue to develop tailored training programmes to meet our clients' needs throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East and, since 1990 have provided annual technical and awareness workshops for the Japan Water Works Association.

Employee Development
As we are all increasingly aware there are skills gaps across the UK workforce and Develop Training has much to offer in this area, and not only technically.

Develop Training understands the need for companies, across all sectors, to provide comprehensive and practical training to employees making the transition from operative to supervisor, and from supervisor to manager.

Consequently we offer Management Development programmes in (amongst many other areas) time management, conflict resolution, and presentation skills, plus nationally recognised awards in the assessment of workplace competencies, quality assurance and team coaching.

Importantly our courses are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and City & Guilds under its Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) programme, therefore providing real value to employer and employee alike.

Client Engagement
Develop Training considers all of its clients important, but some require greater contact, management and resources than others. In order to help in this, all of our major clients have multiple points of direct contact and a dedicated Account Director, Business Develop Manager and Client Service Executive. We believe this is vital in order to match our services with client needs.

Develop Training's core values truly reflect the essence of the business and its operations. Our values are the foundation of our unique culture and are essential to Develop Training's success. They guide our beliefs and instil the desired behaviours across our workforce and associate base, enabling Develop Training to provide market leading training solutions that meet the precise needs of our clients.

Striving for the highest standards of knowledge across our sector of accredited compliance, technical, safety, and management training.

Dedicated to working with our clients and building trust, to meet and surpass their individual training requirements.

Wholly adaptable to the needs of our clients in order to provide appropriate and valuable training solutions.

Resolutely ensuring the practical application of the highest levels of technical and safety compliance for our clients and employees.

The name 'Develop' originated in 2000, when a contract was gained to deliver technical skills training for Anglian Water. Some delegates may also recognise the Water Training International brand (WTI) as one acquired by Develop in 2004 and many will have studied with us under the WTI days at the Burn Hall venue near York or our former venue near Rutland Water.

Training sector expertise
The training centre at Burn Hall retains particular expertise within the Facilities Management sector and it was influential in setting high standards for training, in particular for safe systems of work for Authorising Engineers and Authored Persons. We continue to have a fantastic relationship with AE's and AP's across the Commercial, Healthcare and Defence sectors.

The training centre at Derby will be well known to many from the Gas and Water Utilities and for some time it has been the hub for an extensive portfolio of compliance and technical training in the utilities industry, and the delivery of a not insignificant number of utilities apprenticeships. We are proud to work with so many organisations large and small and it makes us very proud to see former apprentices moving through into supervisory roles and beyond.

Technical competence and compliance
Many delegates will also recognise the '5831' scheme which was created by Develop Training Ltd to better recognise technical skills, wherever possible by assessing the delegates practical ability in addition to their technical knowledge. Now known as the Frontline Skills Framework 5831 Scheme (accredited by City and Guilds) the scheme offers a wide range of assessment standards that are not available elsewhere. The scheme helps to build competence and evidence of compliance of an individual's technical proficiency (as part of a balanced package of training, experience and qualifications). Some will remember that 5831 was the standard for confined spaces before the NOS were developed industry wide.

Training centres
In the most recent period our training centres have diversified such that most training solutions can be delivered from each centre or on client premises. With the exception of some programmes requiring larger and more fixed assets, the vast majority of other training has become more flexible, more mobile and more local, driven by the market, driven by our clients. The two more recent centres in Linlithgow and and Bolton continue to be developed and the Swindon training centre has grown considerably in capability and utilisation.

When booking with Develop Training you can be sure we have a programme of continuous quality improvement.

Strategic improvements made in recent years:

  • The OHSAS 18001 health and safety standard was achieved at our first attempt. It seems obvious to us now but as a health and safety related technical training provider we wanted to show that we walk our own talk.
  • We have developed the ability to generate online assessment tools for pre and post course assessment, which has fantastic potential to better identify course progression, minimise time off the job whilst maximising time for hands on experience. We are also exploring ways to reinforce learning 'nuggets' post course via mobiles to help improve Return on Investment for the employer.
  • Following the first Training Excellence assessment our evaluation forms were aligned to Return on Investment principles. We collect delegate perceptions of the value they place in their training and we reinforce to them the investment made by their employer. We are happy to share feedback with employers to help them maximise new skills back in the workplace.
  • More than ever before we use delegate feedback to inform improvement activity. All comments, delegate scores and trends are circulated on a scheduled basis to senior managers and where deficiencies are identified they are rectified with better speed.
  • We also implemented post course feedback calls to measure delegate perception when they returned to the workplace.
  • There is improved visibility of case studies and delegate feedback on the website and this will improve further in coming months.
  • There has been a considered investment in premises and product development. In particular a substantial investment at the Burn Hall venue in both new/refurbished classrooms and new confined space training facility and the commissioning of a new mobile confined space training facility for use nationwide.
  • Building on the early success and innovation of our MaTE behavioural product we have engaged a specialist to take the MaTE proposal to the next level. We have been delighted to see one of the UK's largest companies committing to use MaTE as a vanguard in their behavioural change programme.
  • There has been significant investment in both sales and marketing functions. We have doubled the number of Training Advisors available to advise our clients.
  • We have significantly improved the website, both content and structure, with the website moving towards a primary sales tool from a supporting resource. We know there is more to do to encourage a 'browse and buy' online presence and further developments will be brought on line in 2014.
  • There is a focus on improving website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), supported by external consultancy.
  • Our marketing collateral and campaigns are better planned and more closely aligned to our key objectives. Web tools are used to maximise opportunities from 'e' marketing and online customer contact and wherever possible we will better target campaigns to relevant clients, delegates or course bookers.
  • We have an increased focus on our competitors and competing offers in the marketplace, checking regularly to benchmark price and quality against our own.
  • There are increased levels of recruitment, supported by the addition of an HR professional and our trainers have been up-skilled to improve their knowledge and utilisation.
  • Financial and management reports have been improved, particularly to optimise course attendance and profitability which has been key in minimising the cancellation of courses or the movement of dates.
  • We introduced a much improved data base tool with which to track certification through to completion. Together with other improvements we believe this has significantly improved the administration of the certification process.

Develop Training deliver courses for some of the largest, and most iconic, blue-chip companies in the UK. The majority are from the water, gas and facilities management sectors. Northumbrian Water, Northern Gas Networks and Carillion are already members of our expanding client portfolio. We also work with power and telecoms companies; NHS hospital trusts; the Ministry of Defence; and large infrastructure construction firms, such as Balfour Beatty and Skanska.

Some of our popular courses are relevant to almost every sector and business environment. We facilitate safe-working with asbestos; the ability to deal with, and prevent, Legionella; and best practice Confined Space training.

What sets Develop Training apart from other training providers?

Our welcome
Delegates tell us they like our centres; they like the welcome from our venue teams and the overall training experience they receive. They tell us they feel comfortable, well supported, and whether at one of our dedicated training centres, or at a location of our client's choice, the experience is unbeatable. As such, more than 99% of these delegates say they would recommend Develop Training to a friend or colleague.

Our flexibility
Our flexible delivery teams are able to adapt to the needs of our clients, to provide solutions that add real value to their business. With courses delivered through an extensive open programme across 5 dedicated centres; mobile training capabilities; the ability to deliver training at client premises, and create truly bespoke solutions, clients can choose the best option to suit their requirements.

Our expertise
Develop Training are experts in every way, from the creation of market leading courses, through to the delivery of training. With over 30 years' experience in the training industry, we understand the issues and requirements of the sectors in which we operate. Our trainers also have hands on experience in these sectors and use this expert skill and knowledge to deliver outstanding training solutions.

Our commitment
We are committed to supporting our clients achieve their individual training goals and deal with business issues. Our team is on hand to assess the training, competency and compliance needs of your business and direct you to the best training solutions. Our aim is to help you maximise the return on your training investment.

Our hands on approach
With Develop Training, we believe you will find better opportunities to gain hands-on experience, which we know delegates value highly. Delegates also tell us that, although elsewhere they might see equipment, with us they get to use it. Pre-course assessments and post-course reinforcement tools are innovative features being expanded across our programmes, but hands-on training remains at the very core of what we do.