Diemme Soil Washing S.r.l

Diemme Soil Washing S.r.l

DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. the Group has further reinforced its own presence in the design and development of contaminated sediments and soils remediation processes and services adopting the “Soil Washing” process technology. Two independent Divisions were set up: the Filter Division and the Oenology Division. Each one quickly achieved the industry leadership in their respective sectors, both nationally and internationally.

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Via E. Fermi n.25 , Lugo - RA , 48022 Italy
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Site Remediation
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Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

DIEMME S.p.A. story started in 1923, when the founder, Mr. Alfredo Melandri, planned and realized the first machines for mechanically grapes pressing. During the first decades of the last century, the company had the winemaking industry as main market and developed innovative technologies for winemaking processes.

During the 70s, thanks to the intuition of Mr. Primo Melandri, Alfredo's son, the filtration technologies that had been applied exclusively to the oenological sector up until then, were expanded also to other industrial processes. Europe was facing a period of remarkable economic growth and the increasing demand for filtration equipment within the industrial sector brought to the establishment of a new Company Division with its own technical, commercial and production resources, specializing in solid-liquid separation technologies. This brought DIEMME S.p.A. to internal restructuring and reorganization, in order to become a multi-business company.

Company Mission
To propose innovative Soil Washing solutions, in observance of quality, safety and environment protection principles which only a company of great technical tradition can assure.

Company Vision
Processing … to heal the world – A new answer for an old problem.

Integrated Management System
The knowledge of rules and laws, the ability to manage projects against different and complex inquiries, as well as evolved markets and stringent operation conditions require excellent skills, which DIEMME SOIL WASHING decided to pursue embracing very structured organizing standards. Important goals for this strategic plan are the regard for the Quality, for the Safety in the working places and for the Environment, these goals strengthen themselves implementing an Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety and Environment; in compliance with the standard EN ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and EN ISO 14001.

DIEMME SOIL WASHING after implementing its quality management system certification as per UNI EN ISO 9001; integrated the management system of the aspects for the environment protection and the aspects for the safety in the working places obtaining in 2013 the OHSAS 18001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certifications. These three certifications have been issued by company CERTIQUALITY S.r.l.

DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. considers as strategically important the protection of the environment and its preservation, and engages itself, in observance of environmental laws and regulations in force, to develop its own activity assuring safety and health of its staff and involved third parties.

DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. existence and policies for Quality, Safety and Environmental Preservation

Implemented by the company derive from its own relation with the Customer, this relation can be synthetized in following fundamental aspects:

  • Quality, conformity, safety and reliability of products and company processes;
  • Consideration of the environment surrounding the Company and protection of the environment where the designed plants have to be installed;
  • Added value to the product given by specific services associated to the same (after-sale service to the customer, laboratory activity and skilled support; technical assistance, remote controlling, etc.);
  • Price and reliability of the installations;
  • Development and innovation of technical and applicative solutions.

DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. considers as fundamentally important, for the achievement of prefixed targets, the contribution of its personnel and its own suppliers, with whom specific aims have to be fixed, regarding the preservation of principles expressed in this policy.

DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. defines, with almost annual rate, targets of continuous improvement of environmental and company performances, applied according to market logics to all activities, products, processes carried out and assures the punctual control by a careful and constant monitoring.

Consistently with its guide principles, DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. establishes following targets:

  • Accurate and rigorous consideration of law requirements and regulations in force about environmental subject;
  • Involvement of all suppliers of goods and services in the pursuit of environmental targets;
  • Involvement of the staff, by means of information and training, relatively to significant subjects concerning environment, quality and safety;
  • Regular control of activities having significant impact on the environment (discharges into water bodies, emissions into the atmosphere, management of dangerous waste, electric energy consumption) with contextual definition of the improvement aims;
  • Realization of products, processes and services satisfying the customer’s and Involved Third Parties’ requirements, assuring the observance of quality, safety and environment;
  • Careful use of natural resources, reducing consumptions and squandering in the production process and optimizing the activities for the prevention of the pollution.

Because the World is our World and our Future.

DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l - Via Bedazzo n.19 - 48022 - Lugo RA Italia

It is very simple to reach DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l.

DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. head office and factory are located in Lugo, Ravenna province of, and can be easily reached. From Bologna Guglielmo Marconi airport follow the indications below to reach DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l. in less than one hour.

  • From the airport following the road indications take the Bologna TANGENZIALE with direction San Lazzaro – Ancona A14.
  • After covering the tangenziale go to the motorway A14 direction Ancona.
  • Just after Imola take the direction A14 to Ravenna.
  • After the toll gate take the direction Lugo-Cotignola
  • Go on in the direction Lugo on Via Piratello
  • At the roundabout with Via Fiumazzo (easily identifiable by the Volkswagen concessionary firm on the right) take the fourth exit, Via Bedazzo
  • Go on in Via Bedazzo for approx. 250 meters, you find the company on the right side at road number 19
  • The following map gives easy directions to reach DIEMME Soil Washing S.r.l.