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  • Diemme - Research & Development Services

    Diemme - Research & Development Services

    DIEMME Soil Washing has an experimental activity on its laboratory equipped with modern devices to perform specialized trials on the different matrix of sediments and polluted soils. These tests are carried out starting from a small quantity of matrix in order to replicate the three phases of Soil Washing Process and we normally perform with:

  • Diemme - Hydrocarbons Decontamination Services

    Diemme - Hydrocarbons Decontamination Services

    The contamination by hydrocarbons marks out the greatest percentage of contaminated sites in many countries. The extreme differentiation of identified substances with the generic terms of hydrocarbons sometimes generates uncertainty about the effective capacity of the technologic Soil Washing process to treat and remediate what specifically is present in a contaminated site.

  • Diemme - Heavy Metals Decontamination Services

    Diemme - Heavy Metals Decontamination Services

    The industrial activities have caused consistent contaminations by inorganic substances, which interact with the matrix of the sediment and the soil in a differentiated way. When realizing the treatment plant, DIEMME Soil Washing applies a wide range of process technologies which use chemical physical mechanisms in order to progressively concentrate the contaminating substances in a progressively reduced volume. This allows a high recovery of raw...