DigiPol Technologies (formerly Rudolph Instruments, Inc.)

DigiPol Technologies (formerly Rudolph Instruments, Inc.)

Rudolph Instruments, Inc. founded in 1948 by Mr. Hellmuth Rudolph in New Jersey, has been a historical and global name in the manufacture of Digital Polarimeters. We are now named DigiPol Technologies in order to create a distinctive identity for our leading edge brand name technology the DigiPol Nova Series of Automatic Polarimeters. Our brand has been synonymous with innovative and quality Polarimeter Technology. The name change coincides with the introduction of the latest DigiPol Nova 2, a range of fully featured Automatic Polarimeter designed to comply with all the leading Pharma requirements: USP, BP, JP, and EP. On this occasion we rededicate ourselves to the vision of innovative and quality technology of our founder, Mr. Hellmuth Rudolph.

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400 Morris Ave Ste 120, Denville Technical Park, , Denville , 07834 New Jersey USA
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Rudolph Instruments, Inc. was founded by Hellmuth Rudolph in 1948.

Hellmuth worked in his father’s business, where he participated in the development of the Rudolph Model 80 Polarimeter, the most advanced instrument of its time.

In 1948, Hellmuth founded Rudolph Instruments, Inc. to further the independent design and development of instruments for the field of Polarimetry. As a devoted engineer, Hellmuth put great emphasis on precision, performance and customer service. These same principles continue to guide Rudolph Instruments, Inc. dba DigiPol Technologies today.

DigiPol Technologies enjoys a long track record of innovation. For instance, in 1959 we introduced the world's first commercial automatic Polarimeter. We also developed the world's first fully automatic Spectro Polarimeter and North America's first microprocessor based automatic Polarimeter and Saccharimeter.

More recent innovations include our highly successful range of Automatic Polarimeters and the DigiPol M6U, a high precision UV/VIS automatic Polarimeter, which is now accepted as the instrument of choice in Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Research Institutes around the world.

DigiPol Technologies is a leading provider of precision instruments.

Since our inception over sixty years ago, our goal has been to continually develop innovative instrumentation that combines high-precision, accuracy, long-term reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Today, this commitment remains strong as our instruments are employed by laboratories and research institutes around the world.

Our track record of success can be attributed to the following service advantages:

  • Innovation
    DigiPol Technologies is committed to developing accurate and reliable instrumentation that offers the latest in technological innovation. This pursuit of excellence is embodied by our latest range of digital Polarimeters, which are now the system of choice for pharmaceutical companies and research universities.
  • Vast Expertise and Experience
    DigiPol Technologies has been manufacturing products for over fifty years. Our ability to develop precision instruments and provide customers with a high level of technical support allows us to deliver a better overall service.
  • Customized Solutions
    At DigiPol Technologies a team of professionals will work closely with you to configure a solution to meet your unique application requirements, time frame and budget.
  • Accessible Around the World
    DigiPol Technologies' instruments are sold worldwide through a network of distributors. A high level of sales and technical support is available to customers in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Far East and Australasia.