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  • DigiPol - Manual Polarimeters

    DigiPol - Manual Polarimeters

    The Sirius  251 Visual Polarimeter is a high precision, cost-effective Manual Polarimeter. The unique Vernier of the Sirius 251 allows reading of Left (levo) or Right (dextro) rotation with ease and accuracy. Ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and school laboratories, the Sirius  251's functional design provides exceptional optics, maximum light transfer to sample, in addition to a host of other benefits. Efficient and convenient to...

  • DigiPol - Arago Refractometer

    DigiPol - Arago Refractometer

    The refractometer ARAGO is dedicated to fluid refractive index measurements. The refractive index is the ratio between the speed of light radiation in a vacuum and its speed in the sample medium. It depends on several parameters, in particular the temperature and the sample composition. The measurement of the refractive index is in general used in industrial process control to determine the concentration of diluted elements in suspensions such as the...

  • DigiPol - Ellipsometers

    DigiPol - Ellipsometers

    DigiPol Technologies features the Elli-SE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer. For a diverse applications the Elli-SE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer is available in a wide range of configurations.