Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI)

Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI)

Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI)

DSI is the pioneer of pipeline inspection robotics in India. DSI started the indigenous manufacturing of pipeline inspection robots in 2007 while executing the inspection works for Delhi Jal Board for the work of rehabilitation of trunk sewers in Delhi. DSI has already established itself as the key player in the sewer industry with its state-of-the-art indigenously manufactured, Beaver series Pipeline CCTV Inspection Robots, that have saved thousands of crores of rupees for the Indian government due to their effective usage in the assessment and evaluation works of sewer pipeline infrastructure projects. The Beaver series has now replaced all its foreign competitors across India and has become the unanimous choice of all contractors for sewer pipeline inspection works. The controlling software and panel is at par or superior in performance and features to most systems across the world.

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D-104, Sector 63, , NOIDA , Uttar Pradesh 201301 India
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Water and Wastewater - Sewer Cleaning
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Globally (various continents)

Digital Surveillance Inc (aka DSI Robotics) is the pioneer of pipeline robotics in India. With its indigenous design and manufacturing capability DSI has been instrumental in establishing self-reliance in the field of pipeline and underwater inspections in India.

DSI is also the leader in water pipeline inspections and provides specialized services using its in-house designed and manufactured robots and inspection systems that are customized on a project basis. DSI specializes in the inspections of marine pipelines, cross-country water transport pipelines, seawater intake pipelines, water mains, spillways, pressure release tunnels, et cetera.

DSI is now involved in developing Work-Class Robots that are used for desilting, repair and maintenance of various types of pipelines, tanks, reservoirs, canals, culverts and various other marine assets. Due to its in-house design and manufacturing capability for production of world-class industrial robots, DSI has carved a niche for itself in the Inspection and Work class Robotics industry of India.

Over the last 10 years, DSI has perfected their robots for all types of pipeline inspections, including but not limited to, sewer pipelines, water transport pipelines, seawater intake pipelines, industrial wastewater pipelines, marine outfall pipelines (effluent), drainage, underwater tunnels, et cetera. DSI has worked for many major pipeline asset owners across India and has earned a fierce reputation as an authority in Pipeline CCTV Inspections and robotics based pipeline maintenance services provider.

DSI provides specialized inspection, repair & maintenance services to various public and private sector organizations using self developed robotic machines to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, reduce execution time, eliminate risk to human life while maintaining a cost effective solution to problems that have limited or no solution using classical methods.

The Indian industrial environment benefits from its vast resource of cheaply available skilled and non-skilled labour. It is not DSI’s intention to substitute human labour but to find solutions to problems where either human access is not possible or at high risk or legally not allowed.

Out of DSI’s long list of robotic platforms, the Beaver™ series of Pipeline CCTV Inspection Systems, OWL™ series of Underwater Cameras & LED Lights and Beaver™ series of crawler platforms are available for industrial and commercial consumption.