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  • Robotic Cell Fume Extractors

  • Diversitech - Robotic Ventilation Hood

    Diversitech - Robotic Ventilation Hood

    Diversitech's Robotic Ventilation Hood is the industry's most powerful, reliable and cost-effective ductless welding smoke extractor. The hood's filtration system includes a three-stage spark arrestance package, a pleated pre-filter and a multi-pocket bag filter extending filter life versus conventional systems. The robotic vent hood has a low air to cloth ratio, requring no dust drawers or barrels, lowering maintenance costs for hassle-free...

  • Diversitech - Robotic Weld Cell Collector

    Diversitech - Robotic Weld Cell Collector

    Diversitech's Robotic Weld Cell Collector offers an affordable, self-cleaning welding fume extraction & filtration unit for light to heavy-duty applications. The compact self-contained design makes relocation and installation fast and simple. The unit is typically mounted above a welding cell on a steel support frame, conserving shop floor space. The smoke collector comes standard with reverse pulse filter cleaning, extending filter life while...