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  • Industrial Electric Cart Pusher and Puller

  • Tugger - Wagon Wheel Caddy Cart

    Tugger - Wagon Wheel Caddy Cart

    The CartCaddyWagonWheel is designed to pull or maneuver carts or trailers with a tongue that hinges up and down and could also turn an axle at the bottom of the cart. Usually there is a ring or eye at the end of these tongues that can attach with a pin or pintle hitch. Due to the nature of the swiveling tow arms it grabs, it doesn’t transfer weight from the load to the CartCaddy WagonWheel drive tires, explaining why the power tugger...

  • Model 5WP - Caddy Cart Mover

    Model 5WP - Caddy Cart Mover

    The CartCaddy5WP is designed for pulling, pushing, and manuvering carts and wheeled equipment with 2 straight back wheels and 2 swivel front casters. The CC5WP grab’s the front swivel castered side of the cart with a custom steel attachment generally designed by one of our applications engineer. The steel attachment bolts to an electric lift kit that raises and lowers this attachment. This raising and lowering motion has two benefits: One, it...

  • PartsCaddy - Electric Platform Caddy Cart

    PartsCaddy - Electric Platform Caddy Cart

    The PartsCaddy electric platform Power Cart is a walk behind, self-propelled cart designed to carry heavy material and equipment from one location to another without having the task of manually pushing the cart. The unit contains its own power to carry up to 3000 lbs over carpeting, through snow and ice, and up inclines. Our Power Cart come with 3 12 volt batteries, giving it plenty of run time to last an entire shift. The standard bed size is...

  • BombCaddy - Dual Mode Remote Controlled Powered Trailer

    BombCaddy - Dual Mode Remote Controlled Powered Trailer

    DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced a remote controlled, self-propelled powered trailer that can easily maneuver machinery and equipment remotely in confined areas, as well as be pulled by a tow vehicle at high speeds to transport long distances. The BombCaddy was originally designed for safely removing explosive materials from screening areas at airports when detected. The remote option was needed so the operator could...

  • Hospital and Hospitality Carts - Motorized Cart Pusher

  • CartCaddyLite - Electric Cart Puller

    CartCaddyLite - Electric Cart Puller

    The CDC identified the healthcare industry as the second fastest growing sector of the economy. The increase of workers to this industry has also brought about an increase in workplace injuries. One type of injury, the dreaded back injury, can be felt by everyone from a nurse to a maintenance man to the staff making beds and delivering meals. The latter two groups can be helped to avoid the low back strain health care workers are susceptible to by the...

  • CartCaddyShorty - Cart Puller

    CartCaddyShorty - Cart Puller

    The CartCaddyShorty is manufactured for delicate turning and control in tight areas, generally in manufacturing types of environments where workers safety and ergonomics are a must. The size and weight of the CCShorty make it a perfect solution for carts and equipment that weigh up to 3000 lbs. More common applications for...

  • Vehicle Pusher - Cars, Trucks, Buses, Trailers

  • CarCaddy - Electric Car Pusher

    CarCaddy - Electric Car Pusher

    Our CarCaddy Electric Car Pusher is battery operated and designed to push cars and vehicles that have pneumatic tires, such as cars, trucks, campers, and buses. It can push cars and trucks up to 20,000 pounds on flat ground and up to 10,000 pounds on 3% grade. And if that is not enough, you can opt for a Heavy Duty Motor/Transaxle Power Upgrade so you can push cars and trucks that weigh up to 50,000 pounds. You can also opt to add foam filled tires,...

  • TrailerCaddy  - Motorized Trailer Puller

    TrailerCaddy - Motorized Trailer Puller

    The TrailerCaddy motorized trailer puller can easily maneuver boat trailers, untily trailers, campers and toy haulers in and out of a garage, a storage warehouse, marine showroom floor, or a boat and rv show. The TrailerCaddy trailer pusher assists in delivering heavy trailers to more wide open areas in and around a storage warehouse for repairs or rearranging. The trailer pusher’s compact size, maneuverability, and variable speed make...

  • Hospital Cart Puller

  • WagonCaddy - Industrial Power Movers

    WagonCaddy - Industrial Power Movers

    Using the WagonCaddy industrial power mover allows an operator to move materials, parts, or machinery from one location to another without manually pushing a cart or carrying the load.

  • Hospital Cart Mover

    Hospital Cart Mover

    A CartCaddyLite Shorty Hospital Cart Mover cuts down on the chance of overexertion and will allow your employees to move fully loaded carts quickly and easily. A hospital cart mover also helps to keep residents safe by allowing the staff to keep rooms and hallways clear. The cart mover from DJ Products is powerful enough to easily haul carts weighing up to 1000 lbs pounds without putting any undue stress on employees.

  • Dumpster Mover, Waste Container and Bin Pullers

  • WasteCaddy4SC - Waste Bin Mover

    WasteCaddy4SC - Waste Bin Mover

    Working on construction and renovation projects means that you are likely to encounter a lot of debris, garbage and waste that needs to be disposed of properly. It can be difficult to progress if your workers have to navigate debris to complete their tasks. One way that you can make the work go faster and prevent workers from being injured doing cleanup, you can use a WasteCaddy4SC Waste Bin Mover.

  • WasteCaddyLite - Trash Container Mover

    WasteCaddyLite - Trash Container Mover

    With a DJ Products WasteCaddyLite trash container mover, the work of moving a dumpster, a task that once may have required three or four people, can now be done by just one person. And that one person does not have to worry about strain or overexertion. Our WasteCaddy dumpster cart puller was ergonomically designed to help an employee transfer a dumpster from an underground parking lot to the street, push a dumpster along a street that is level, or...

  • WasteCaddy - Dumpster Tow

    WasteCaddy - Dumpster Tow

    Dumpsters that are fully loaded can easily weigh several thousand pounds and designated pick up areas could conceivably be hundreds of yards away from the compactor. Employees that are required to tackle this task without the proper equipment are at a serious risk of injury regardless of the weather outside.

  • WasteCaddy - Trash Hauler

    WasteCaddy - Trash Hauler

    Heavy Duty Steel Frame. 1 HP / 2 HP Options Available. 24V / 36V Options Available. High Tech Speed Controller. Neutral Throttle Regenerative Braking. 0-3 MPH Forward/Reverse.

  • WasteCaddy - Ride-On Dumpster Mover

    WasteCaddy - Ride-On Dumpster Mover

    The battery-powered, ride-on dumpster mover is built to navigate in tight trash rooms, while moving dumpsters to curbside for hauler pickup. Insurance data shows that the trash room is the area of highest risk within multi-family properties. The most common injuries are related to maintenance personnel moving heavy dumpsters from the trash/compactor room to the pickup site.

  • AircraftCaddy - Model 4K Jr. - Electric Airplane Tug

    AircraftCaddy - Model 4K Jr. - Electric Airplane Tug

    The AircraftCaddy 4K. Jr. Electric Trailer Tug is specially developed for moving small planes with or without wheel pants that weigh up to 4,000 pounds. It is a battery-operated tug with a heavy-duty steel frame, and it can be easily operated by just one person. The AircraftCaddy 4K Jr. moves an airplane carefully at the speed of 0-2 mph. Being a walk-behind tug, it gives the operator better control when maneuvering the aircraft; therefore, reducing...

  • AircraftCaddy - Model 15K - Small Aircraft Tug

    AircraftCaddy - Model 15K - Small Aircraft Tug

    Lindbergh Aircraft Tugs are no doubt the ultimate solution for moving aircraft’s in and out of hangars. They make moving aircraft so easy that you do not need to hire many employees to get the job done, enabling you to save on labor costs. High quality new and used AircraftCaddy Aircraft Tugs come with the necessary features to minimize the effects of various hazards that are found in an airfield, and they can help you keep your aircraft in a...

  • TrailerCaddyHD - Chain Drive – Power Trailer Mover

    TrailerCaddyHD - Chain Drive – Power Trailer Mover

    The TrailerCaddyHD Chain is manufactured for moving king pin, pintle, and covered equipment trailers, as well as campers up to 50,000 lbs. The TrailerCaddy Tractor Trailer Pusher has a 5000 lbs hydraulic lift kit designed to lift up king pin, ball, or pintle hitch type of trailer connections. The most common environment requiring a TrailerCaddy Chain Drive are RV and camper dealerships, military bases, and vehicle maintenance locations at government...

  • WagonCaddyHD - Remote Controlled Powered Cart

    WagonCaddyHD - Remote Controlled Powered Cart

    DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced a new walk behind, self-propelled, remote controlled heavy duty powered cart for material handling applications where the product or goods overhang the ends of the cart, making it impossible for the operator to safely pull or push the loads from the end of the cart. These loads are generally too heavy (upwards of 10,000 lbs) for many employees to manually push, making the task unproductive, unsafe, or...

  • RailCarCaddy - Rail Car Mover

    RailCarCaddy - Rail Car Mover

    We’re once again packing a ton of power into a small machine with our Rail Car Mover, able to move 200,000 pounds with the twist of a handle. The Rail Car Mover is equipped with the industry-standard rail car coupler and connects swiftly and easily to rail cars. It comes ready to move individual rail cars across asphalt, concrete or gravel.

  • Powered Housekeeping Cart

    Powered Housekeeping Cart

    The Battery Powered HouseKeeping Cart transports clean linen supplies used for housekeeping in the hospitality industries. The cart is motorized for moving supplies used for daily duties in hospitality and hospital environments, eliminating the manual pushing of these heavy supplies and linens, especially where carpeting makes them very difficult to push.

  • Powered Cart

    Powered Cart

    The Powered Cart from DJ will instantly increase operational efficiency in a hospital or hospitality setting by making it easy for any employee to handle any material handling job. The Powered Cart takes the physical labor completely out of transporting supplies and allows hospital and hospitality cleaning and maintenance crews to keep up with the largest increases in volume.