DNA Maritime LLC

DNA Maritime LLC

Environmental infractions and false reporting on log entries - for waste water disposal, emissions, garbage, sewage or ballast water - can result in severe fines for shipping companies and criminalization for crew and company owners alike. But how can company officers be certain that their ships are in compliance with national laws, and ISM and MARPOL regulations? At DNA Maritime LLC, we specialize in helping shipping companies to ensure environmental regulatory compliance by combining state-of-the-art knowledge and risk management techniques with easy-to-use information technology. That means that shore supervisors and company QSE staff can monitor their fleet`s environmental performance at the ship level - realtime, anytime, anywhere.

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P.O. Box 270 , Mystic , Connecticut 06355 USA
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Consulting firm
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Environmental Regulations and Compliance
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Globally (various continents)

Few industries are more regulated or have greater compliance reporting requirements than maritime shipping, where a 'magic pipe' incident or other pollution violations can lead to ruinous fines, criminalization, and a battered company reputation.

Yet despite the availability of effective new technologies and knowledge and risk management techniques developed for shore-based industries, most shipping companies still have very little real understanding about what is happening on their ships at sea.  Nor can they be sure that the information entered in ther log books is accurate - or will hold up to U.S. Coast Guard or EU official scrutiny.

DNA Maritime LLC provides shipping companies with a global network of skilled and experienced consultants who specialize in:

  • ISM and MARPOL compliance
  • Knowledge management
  • Risk management
  • Shipboard operations
  • Information technology
  • Shipboard electronics
  • and Maritime law

...to help shipping companies to ensure that their ships are fully compliant with environmental, safety and security regulations.  

So if your company has recently been involved in a regulatory compliance violation - or would like to avoid one by creating a dynamic Environmental Management System