Dongwoo Optron Co., Ltd.

Dongwoo Optron Co., Ltd.

DongWoo Optron is a technology company specialized in the field of spectroscopy. DongWoo Optron was initially established as DongWoo Trading in 1989 primarily focusing on introducing high quality, high precision optical instruments to South Korean market. However, 9 years relentless research and development drove DongWoo to produce its first Monochromator(s) in its own manufacturing plant in 1998. As destined in its due course DongWoo Trading renamed to DongWoo Optron Co., Ltd. and naturally putting all its efforts in R&D and producing high quality, high precision spectroscopy instruments. Today DongWoo has built up its reputation worldwide as a high-end spectroscopy system manufacturing company.

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611-5 MaeSan-Ri Opo-Eup , KwangJu-Si , 464-893 South Korea

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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We are committed to build state-of-art optical products that customers really need. Making a perfect product takes two way communication. We will always listen to our customers's voice whether the needs are for high-tech R&D or for high precision nano-scale production lines. Creating solutions that are tailored to best suit your developments and production requirements is our mission.

We are certain that whatever your needs are DongWoo will provide just the solution where you need it the most.

  1. Earnest Hard Work
  2. Eagerness for New Challenges
  3. Expectation for the Best

To become the Dongwoo Optron today there is one big secret behind our success and it is the Earnest Hard Work. If we were afraid of new challenges, we would have never achieved the goals we set out the first day. Regardless it is a rainy day or a bright sunny day Dongwoo Optron always prepared for tomorrow expecting the best. If we ever stopped what we did in the past and what we do today, we would have never achieved the things we have today. With Earnest Hard Work, Eagerness for New Changes, and the Expectation founded upon diligence, Dongwoo Optron will become the leading company in the field of spectroscopy.

All these words and principles will be forgotten unless we constantly remind ourselves where we were and what we wanted to achieve in the first day like we often do with the first love.