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  • Sludge Treatment

  • Anaerobic Digestion Plant

    Anaerobic Digestion Plant

    Doosan Enpure's technology and experience allow us to design, build, commission and operate systems to operate on any suitable waste or blend of wastes. Designs  incorporate appropriate pre-treatment, digestion and gas-handling equipment to produce raw biogas as well as a solid product (digestate) which meets the most stringent requirements for use as an agricultural or horticultural fertiliser, soil improver or fuel. The plant can...

  • Pasteurisation


    Pasteurisation is a process to reduce the number of viable pathogenic organisms in a material to a level below that which would cause infection; it is most usually achieved by heating the material to a minimum temperature and holding at this temperature for a minimum time.  In recent years legislation requiring pasteurisation has been introduced in many countries across the world to ensure that recycled organic materials such as sewage...

  • sonix - Ultrasound Enhance Energy System

    sonix - Ultrasound Enhance Energy System

    The Patented technology available from Doosan Enpure Ltd, that uses ultrasound at 20kHz to enhance energy or product recovery from your organic sludge or other biological solids. Using cavitation to generate high temperatures and pressures to: