dotOcean stands for the connection between the internet and the offshore industry. To connect the internet to offshore applications the founders of dotOcean combined their knowledge in under water acoustics, modeling and high tech management into the foundations of the company. Today dotOcean offers innovative measurement instruments, sensor networks and rapid development services to the maritime and offshore industry. The company is based on a complementary team with expertise ranging from hydrography, geotechnics and geology up to software, electronics and mechanics. 8 years of expertise in underwater acoustics and modeling, more than 10 years expertise in management of complex high tech projects is available in the team. Due to the extensive research and further development of the existing products, dotOcean gained knowledge to widen the applicability of the technology into sensor networks, data acquisition platforms and other technological designs.

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Pathoekeweg 9B02 , Brugge , BE 8000 Belgium
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Waste Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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dotOcean develops pioneering measurement instruments, sensor networks and data acquisition platforms for the maritime and offshore industry, by implementing user based innovation that significantly enhance the processes of the customers.

In today’s world there is a remarkable increase in off-shore, maritime and inland waterway activity. To enable these activities survey and offshore monitoring equipment becomes more and more important. dotOcean aims to become a leading company in this market by offering innovative and efficiency improving measurement equipment.