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System S&P is the quality brand name for made-to-measure and ecological wastewater treatment plants as compact solution. Dr. Scholz und Partner GmbH, Kirchberg can look back on long term experience in engineering, production, installation and operation in the field of environmental engineering, especially in plant engineering and construction in the wastewater branch. System S&P wastewater treatment plants are based on the rotating immersion disk technology (RID) that is characterised by high and stable biological purification efficiency. With our advanced wastewater treatment the client is well equipped for the future.

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Ahornstrasse 27 , Kirchberg , 74592 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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System S&P is offering tailor-made wastewater solutions which consist of modular standard components – efficiency and cost effectiveness are our main targets. The advances of the RID technology are the grade of reliability, simple maintenance and the extremely low energy costs.

System S&P has set itself modern quality principles and targets, which are followed in engineering and production. Highest priority is the client’s wish. This means that high efficiency has to be achieved, which is visualized using modern CAD-technology and quality management.

System S&P meets the challenge to achieve sustainable solutions to protect our environment, now and in future. This aim leads to a continuous exchange of experience between all divisions and the client, as well as with competent partners in science, industry and professional associations.

System S&P is well positioned as middle size company in the international market with its capital stock of 940,000 € and about 30 highly skilled staff members. Sales and distribution outside Germany are organised in S&P Vertriebs-GmbH.


System S&P has taken the challenge of releasing water resources worldwide by intelligent, decentralised solutions to solve wastewater problems. In most cases, the rotating immersion disk technology represents the most cost effective solution.

System S&P is able to provide treatment plants that are capable of treating the widest range of different wastewaters. This applies for domestic sewage from single households up to most difficult-to-treat industrial wastewater. From an engineering point of view, the basic idea behind is the principle of closing water cycles. From a cost-effectiveness point of view, the basic concept of success behind is the modular construction of the plant, based on standard components. In such a way, it is possible to produce both tailor-made and economic solutions of high technological quality and purification levels.

System S&P produces the required modules directly in-house and delivers them to all continents. In contrast to the production, the engineering, distribution and projecting is organised globally. There is the central engineering department and the decentralised sales partners and project coordinators. System S&P trains the local partners that are approaching the clients with their individual demands in various countries all over the world. An intense cooperation between the central office in Kirchberg / Germany and the local experts ensures the highest customer satisfaction.

System S&P has become a strong partner of globally leading service companies and scientific institutes through ongoing successful scientific work and product development. System S&P is characterised by a flat organisation structure – deliberately – in which the staff members are widely responsible for their own work. Teamwork has the highest priority.


System S&P supports all sales activities of local partners worldwide via Dr. Scholz und Partner GmbH, as well as through System S&P Vertriebs-GmbH of the head office in Kirchberg/Jagst. Through the use of modern communication techniques, short distances and a high grade of flexibility are assured.

System S&P has created a worldwide network with more than 20 international partners and representatives who are successively enlarged and coordinated by the System S&P Vertriebs-GmbH. New national and international partners are always welcome. The international partners also receive exclusive treaties for their specific geographic area of distribution. Within the frame of these possibilities, a transparent sales and distribution culture is assured, allowing for a quick and reliable handling of customer wishes.

System S&P serves all clients in Germany directly. This is also the case for all interested clients of countries that are not covered by our sales and distribution network.

System S&P has the capability to enlarge its core competence via strategic partnerships. Such partnerships allow for key projects in the total water branch to be realized.