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Welcome to the DR Software, Inc. Website. With over 1300 customers in 49 countries, our company is a leader in the development of software for MSDS creation and management, Labeling, and Internal Plant Instructions. We provide easy to use solutions ranging from single workstations up to worldwide corporate networks. DR Software`s ChemGes suite has been on the market since 1989. This comprehensive software product combines environmental, health, safety and transportation management, the calculation of risks and hazards, and the intelligent and optimized authoring and distribution of Material Safety Data Sheets according to international standards, as REACH and GHS (Global Harmonized System).

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ChemGes has been on the market since 1989 and successfully used in the USA, Canada, Israel and most European Countries by the chemical industry, trade, in laboratories as well as by governmental organizations. The requirements of both, small and large companies, are covered by the program. Currently we already have over 1300 customers in 49 different countries.

The amount of work by specialists within the chemical industry in classifying preparations, calculation of transport classifications, issuing of MSDSs, Internal Plant Instructions and labeling of products is on the steep increase, caused by often changing laws and regulations, and the necessity for translations into other languages. In an effort to ease this strain on specialists in industries, laboratories and trade, an international expert system software was created by a team of chemists and programmers.

ChemGes reduces the time and money spent on such documents considerably. Unlike most comparable software on the market, MSDSs are nearly automatically generated in 32 languages! Generating new forms and/or translating them into other languages literally happens in seconds. The multilingual program platform, network capability, as well as the language modules offered for MSDSs, Internal Plant Instructions and labels, combined with maximum software flexibility, enable anyone to use the software on an international level.


A team of experts within our company is working permanently on program adaptations and improvements, maintenance and extension of substance data, adjustments to changes in the national and international legislation, etc. Many improvements, adaptations and extensions were programmed and included into the standard software package and modules through information received by our customers to the benefit of all users of our software.


Our software package is not only unique among other comparable chemical software on the market, due to the features offered, but also for other reasons:

Provided preparations have been entered previously and are available, the generation of MSDSs takes usually not longer than seconds. The generation of an MSDS starting from scratch, including the entry of new raw materials, generation of formulation, and generation of MSDSs, is a matter of a few minutes. The generation of an MSDS out of a raw material is even faster and more simple.

Our software is fully network capable and allows data transfer in between most platforms. Therefore ChemGes is used by many international companies, having standardized their data management on an international level. The user platform of our program as well as the manual is operational in the four languages English, French, German and Italian, making the software truly international.

Maintenance contracts entered with us provide the users not only with hot line services, but also ensure regular updates of programs and data. The program updates proved to be an invaluable service to our customers, as our specialist staff continuously scans the legal requirements of several countries, and the relevant legislation involved, while adapting the program accordingly.

We provide our customers with offices in Canada, U.S.A., Austria, Germany, and France, thus ensuring close contact and direct support when necessary.

Our software is flexible down to the last detail, and can be adapted by the user to any need or situation. User specific program alterations and adaptations are not a problem for us and can be done within a short time at cost.

ChemGes will accept under most circumstances already available data, provided it can be converted into ASCII/ANSI files. Such data integration requires the programming of a small integration module by us at cost. Any additional information required by our program, and not yet available with your original data, will have to be entered manually at the onset to ensure full functionality.

With MSDS+ we provide an extraordinary add-in program to ChemGes, which enables you to store up to 1,000 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) of substances and preparations in a single archive file (approx. 2MB). The created file - instead of an enormous quantity of paper or pdf files - may be forwarded to your customers and business partners. The recipients of the data can print the required MSDSs themselves, which saves your company lots of time and money. Since this archive file may contain all Safety Data Sheets of your products, this promotional aspect is certainly not to be underestimated.

It is possible at any time to include company- and product specific phrases into our software. This can be easily done by the user. Should you require any translations into other languages of individual phrases, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

ChemGes is designed for all Windows Version from Windows 95 to Windows 7, resp. Server 2008 or higher and runs under 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system. In any case a Pentium PC should be used to achieve acceptable performance.

The demonstration of our software at the customer’s site is free-of-charge with no further obligations or costs attached. Please contact us for more information or for the arrangement of an appointment.