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  • Case Study - Harbors Dredging

    Case Study - Harbors Dredging

    Location : Jordan and Italy Year : 2009 Full Optional Dredgers with HY85/160 Jordan: Dredge with steel cable full optional with hydraulic pump HY85/160 and excavators EXHY20 Italy: Dredge with telescopic boom full optiona with hydraulic pump ...

  • Case Study - Fire brigades and Civil emergencies

    Case Study - Fire brigades and Civil emergencies

    Location : Austria Year : 2011 FIRE FIGHTING AND CIVIL EMERGENCIES - Multi-Purpose Track EMPL is an international company specialized in special vehicles and with a strong division dedicated to fire-fighting trucks. Dragflow and EMPL have ...

  • Dragflow, environmental-proof technologies. Beyond business for love of the Earth.

    Dragflow, environmental-proof technologies. Beyond business for love of the Earth.

    Dragflow chooses to soften the environmental impact with advanced technologies for dredging optimization and naturalistic protection. High performances imply  a specific attention towards ecosystems where the operations are carried, since they ...

  • High depth dredging

    High depth dredging

    In the dredging market, there is a new emerging trend: deep sea and high depth dredging and exploration. Deep sea exploration represents both a development possibility, and a huge technical challenge, where critical hyperbaric conditions, remote ...

  • Case study - port construction

    Case study - port construction

    Location: Georgia Year: 2011 Working context The project consiste in the widening and cleaning of a commercial harbor in Georgia The Problem Find a very flexible equipment able to work with working depth up to 15m and discharge distance from 200mm ...

  • Case study - harbor dredging

    Case study - harbor dredging

    Location: Mexico Year: 2011 Working contest Harbor dredging in Mexico The Problem Pumping heavy slurry with high concentration of solid in order to speed up dredging operation. Start to work 3 weeks after first contact with Dragflow. Our ...

  • Case study - sand dredging

    Case study - sand dredging

    Location: Poland Year: 2010 Sand dredging - Hydraulic submersible pump HY85 coupled with cutters EXHY20 and handled through the hydraulic circuit of the earth-moving machine

  • Case study - mine tailings dredging

    Case study - mine tailings dredging

    Location: Indonesia Year: 2011 Working context Mine collection pond dredging The problem Increase the mine pond capacity. The customer, who already had an excavator, had to increase the mine pond capacity removing the sand. Customer was looking ...

  • Case study - sand and gravel extraction

    Case study - sand and gravel extraction

    Location: Azerbaijan Year: 2008 Dragflow Pump HY300 for sand and gravel application.

  • Case study - Maritza

    Case study - Maritza

    Location: Bulgaria Year: 2006 Dragflow dredging pump HY300 with Hydraulic cutters.

  • Case study - SAIPEM off shore dredging

    Case study - SAIPEM off shore dredging

    Location: Baku, Azerbaijan Year: 2007 Off shore platform Working context Petroleum fixed steel platforms are used to extract petroleum from the bottom of the sea. The problem Remove sand and silt around the platform jacket. An application for ...

  • Case study - drilling operations

    Case study - drilling operations

    Location: New Zeland Year: 2010 Working contest The pond is on a drilling rig site. The rig is used for Geo-thermal power exploration. The Problem Pumping heavy slurry: bentonite, geo-thermal minerals, drilling fluid, sand, pumice. Performance of ...

  • Case study - dredge with ladder

    Case study - dredge with ladder

    Location: Ukraina Year: 2010 Dredge with ladder DRS085/160E22EF Dragflow pump HY85/160B with cutters EXHY20 and High Pressure Water Jet-Ring Hydraulic power pack electric driven with complete control board in the operator cabin Dredging depth ...

  • Case study - channel dredging

    Case study - channel dredging

    Location: Germany Year: 2010 Working Context description The working site is a channel situated in eastern Germany. Deposits of sand, lime and gravel has considerably lowered the water depth of the channel. The problem Fast dredging was required ...

  • Case study - dam dredging

    Case study - dam dredging

    Location: Italia - Sicilia Year: 2008 Dam cleaning Dragflow HY85 with cutters driven by an hydraulic excavator

  • Case study - bitumen reclamation

    Case study - bitumen reclamation

    Location: Canada Year: 2007 Working Context description Western Canada is reach of oil sand. Oil sand is a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay or other minerals, water and bitumen, which is a heavy and extremely viscous oil that must be ...

  • Case study - dredging in harbor

    Case study - dredging in harbor

    Location: Nigeria Year: 2008 Full optional Dredge Application: Port dredging Dredging Unit: Dragflow Pump HY300B with 2 excavators Capacity: 900/1200 ...

  • Case study - mine pond dredging

    Case study - mine pond dredging

    Location: Indonesia Year: 2006 Working Context description The mine where Dragflow dredger is working is one of the biggest gold and copper mine in the world located in the province of Papua in Indonesia  near Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain ...

  • Case study - Diga dirillo - high depth dredging

    Case study - Diga dirillo - high depth dredging

    Location: Sicilia Year: 2006 ENI project: Dirillo reservoir dredging - Sicily - Italy. High depth dredging project - Pressure compensated Dragflow equipments Features: easy assembling by pins. quick power pack start-up by oil hoses fast ...

  • Case study - copper tailings reclamation

    Case study - copper tailings reclamation

    Location: Batu Hijau, Indonesia Year: 2005 Dragflow Dredge equipped with HY85 and Hydraulic cutters Copper tailings reclamation in an Indonesian mine.