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  • Accessories

    Accessories for dredging automation, environmental dredging, turbidity control, long distance.

  • Anti-Turbidity Bell for environmental dredging

    Anti-Turbidity Bell for environmental dredging

    The sea sediments can be polluted by metals, hydrocarbons, bacteria, chemical substances which in most cases are toxic, resilient and accumulate as debries. A digging operation without turbidity limitation of the surrounding waters could cause serious damage to the marine ecosystem. This problem has been solved by Dragflow through the addition of a bell to capture the sediments and prevent water turbidity.

  • Azimutal Stern Thruster

    Azimutal Stern Thruster

    Aimutal stern thruster with hydraulic driving gear provides to the propulsion of the pontoon and acts as a shaft with a rudder angle of  +/-40°.

  • Booster Station

    Booster Station

    Projects that require a very long delivery distance, or to reach a high discharge level, might need a booster station. Submersible dredge pumps can be coupled with booster pumps to cover longer delivery distance. Boosters are powered by diesel, gas engines or electrical motors.

  • Dredging Monitoring System

    Dredging Monitoring System

    Dredging monitoring system allows to see on a pc screen the instant work in progress, with a top and side view of the dredging unit. control tools are available both to the operator on the machine and to distant operators. The terrestrial digital model is updated in real time recording the dredging operation and the extracted material. Several kits are available, starting from the one for tracking position respect to the terrestrial model up to a kit...

  • Hydraulic Oil Spools

    Hydraulic Oil Spools

    Spools permit the recovery of oil hoses. dragflow provides two different types: Spring spools: maxim dredging depth 12m, motorized spools.

  • Stabilizer Spuds

    Stabilizer Spuds

    Coupled with, or in alternative, to swing winches it is possible to have stabilizer spuds moved by hydraulic winches.

  • Winches


    The standard cable length of swing winches is 50mts for all the three different type of dredges. On request two additional models are available: Winches with a cable length of 133m. Winches with a cable length of  211m.