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  • Drain Cleaning

  • Fat Removal & Drain Cleansing Services

    Fat Removal & Drain Cleansing Services

    Diverse industries put different amounts of strain upon their drains. Our experience shows that some operations generate much more waste than others. For example, a factory that produces large quantities of meat will potentially have more of an issue with grease than the average retirement home. This means that a stricter drain cleaning regime may be required in the case of the factory. Nevertheless, we believe that the majority of businesses should...

  • Emergency Drain Clearance Services

    Emergency Drain Clearance Services

    The unexpected can cause the greatest disruption and inconvenience. At best a blocked drain is a nuisance but at worst it could cause the shut down of a production line, business premises or pose a very serious health hazard. Whatever the drainage problem, wherever the location and whatever the time you can call Drainage Consultants and speak direct to a qualified engineer who will quickly and effectively resolve your problem with the minimum of...