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Drainage Consultants Ltd

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  • Drain Rehabilitation

  • Drain Lining & Repairs Services

    Drain Lining & Repairs Services

    Several things can affect drains and cause damage that needs to be fixed, including cracks and open joints. Root ingress, water infiltration, movement of the ground and traffic can all be to blame.  Previously the only way to fix the issue was to excavate the area, locate the area that is damaged and repair the pipe. This is not the case anymore due to modern advancements that Drainage Consultants can employ. While excavating is still necessary...

  • Deep Excavations & Repairs Services

    Deep Excavations & Repairs Services

    Dealing with drains is potentially problematic if insufficient care is taken. At Drainage Consultants, we know that safety is paramount and we have the experience to ensure repair work is accomplished properly. Diverse scenarios require somewhat different solutions, but our experts have the know-how to achieve excellent outcomes. By their nature, some cases raise planning matters, while others do not, but we simply adjust the way we work accordingly....