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  • OutTrak - Mobile Waste Management Software

    OutTrak - Mobile Waste Management Software

    The OutTrak handheld system can be used in many areas of the waste industry such as skip hire, recycling and liquid waste. For those involved in skip hire OutTrak allows the handheld software to manage skip collections, repositions and exchanges. OutTrak captures the weight of REL's. The driver can capture the serial number or barcode of the skip and this is then communicated to the weigh bridge at base so that when the truck arrives the...

  • i-meter - GPS Tracking System

    i-meter - GPS Tracking System

    i-Meter is a fully integrated Stock and Vehicle Tracking system with most Electronic Meters on the current Market.We don’t make you sign up for 5 years, we offer it as a no contract monthly fee. It allows the office to track the stock and vehicle in Real time through a Web Dashboard. Every time the electronic meter is engaged we take all that meter information, overlap the GPS co-ordinates and display it in a user friendly dashboard back...

  • iMonitor - Independent Software

    iMonitor - Independent Software

    iMonitor is an independent software data archiving system, designed to facilitate users saving costs on the printing, review, management and storage of machine records. iMonitor works with Autoclaves, Washer Disinfectors and Ultrasonic Units. The iMonitor software allows the technician to record and archive all critical data essential for parametric release of processed loads from the machines. This information can then be accessed...

  • OutTrak - Mobile Bakery Software

    OutTrak - Mobile Bakery Software

    OutTrak Mobile handheld software for the Bakery Industry. Our bakery application has been developed over the past 10 years and is probably our hardest working app. High amount of deliveries, short product life span, very competitive shelf space, any amount of STK’s all make this system pay for itself in a very short time span.