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Drytech Engineering specializing in thermal processing and bulk materials handling. Drytech is an Engineering and Consulting company dedicated to: Raising the standards of industrial processing, Improving efficiencies, reducing costs and promoting better quality products, Continuing to build our reputation as a world authority on industrial drying, Uniting industrial processing with environmental responsibility, Maintaining our commitment to sustainable development, Providing industrial solutions that maintain our clients competitive advantage AND are energy efficient and reduce and manage emissions and waste, Core competencies include thermal processing, bulk materials handling, pollution control, heat generation and associated technologies.

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Drytech was formed to fulfill a unique mission: to raise the status of drying from a Cinderella industry to a technology which would enhance industrial processes – improving their efficiencies, reducing costs and promoting better products.Over the years Drytech has expanded its core competencies to include thermal processing, bulk materials handling and all associated processes including heat generation, pollution control, transfer, storage systems and other associated technologies.

Drytech's engineering pedigree and experience sets them apart from other companies.   The depth and breadth of experience has opened new opportunities and exposed the company to emerging technologies associated with its core competencies.   Focusing on manufacturing and production on a Global basis has presented challenges that the planet is facing.  Drytech has embraced these challenges and has committed to providing services and technology that unite industrial processing with environmental responsibility.

Protecting the natural systems upon which all life depends while lifting people out of poverty and advancing economic development are among the greatest challenges confronting humanity.

These three pillars of sustainable development are central to the UN Millennium Development Goals adopted in 2000.

The fundamental principle of sustainable development is well established and widely accepted – economic growth can, and should, be made compatible with stewardship of the planet for future generations.

Sustainable development aims to achieve a balance between the economic, environmental and social needs of the modern world without impairing the development opportunities of future generations.

We recognize that the policies and practices we adopt today will shape not only our lives but also those of future generations.  To this end it is our responsibility to make sure that we reduce the impact that humanity has on the environment.  Drytech has coupled its technology with the most environmentally friendly methods of managing emissions and waste.   In so doing we have created a new engineering classification – Industrial Environmentalism.   Our services focus specifically on increasing productivity, reducing energy consumption and controlling waste thereby decreasing the impact of industry on the environment.

Our mission target profile is that of a dominant and cohesive engineering business specializing in manufacturing and committed to Industrial Environmentalism. We provide our customers with services and technology that are at the forefront of both process efficiency and environmental responsibility.  We are dedicated to producing high caliber, cost effective eco-friendly engineering solutions, having a dedicated and loyal team of competent staff together with balanced international and local technology, effective management systems and a strategy of quality, reliability, and above all service that its customers would be proud of and comfortable in dealing with.

Environmental Commitment Statement

Drytech is dedicated to uphold the following:

  • Practicing and promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in all that we do.
  • Minimizing adverse environmental impacts of client operations by engineering systems that meet or surpass environmental standards and regulations, utilize energy efficiency measures, and support recycling and waste reduction programs.
  • Use technology that solves environmental problems without creating new ones.
  • Supports research and implements new technologies for emissions control, energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, and other environmental and health concerns associated with operations.
  • Focus on developing technology and designs that will provide the greatest environmental benefit at the least capital cost.
  • Participates with local, state and federal government and others in creating responsible laws and regulations to safeguard the environment, community and workplace.
  • Commits employee and management resources to provide training, education and support of these principles.
  • Recognizes the contribution every company and individual can make to improve the world’s environmental performance and encourage them to become environmental stewards.

The Drytech vision is based on a simple premise: we can have a clean environment and a healthy manufacturing economy
Economic growth is heavily impacted by manufacturing. It is a key indicator as to the health of the economy. The products that are manufactured, be they food, equipment, commodities or luxuries, all play a vital role in the economy.  Demand for these products may fluctuate but will not disappear.  Manufacturing will always be a cornerstone of the economy.
At the same time humanity cannot reasonably expect that industrialization over the past 100 years has not had a marked impact on the environment.  The quantity of fossil fuels that are being consumed daily is staggering.  Fossil fuels are burned to create energy. Not only does the combustion provide heat but the reaction also releases gases into the atmosphere that trap the suns rays causing the planet to warm up.  Other byproducts include gaseous oxides and solid particulates creating additional environmental and health issues.
Manufacturing cannot exist without energy. Alternative and renewable energy sources are being developed and the efforts are embraced. However, they are not yet fully viable and certain new technologies will have similar environmental impacts to current technology that will need to be managed. It is our responsibility as the custodians of the planet to deal with these issues.
There are other aspects of manufacturing that adversely impact the environment. These include waste generation and landfills.
Current management of these streams contributes to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution and habitat degradation.
What is required is a balance between economic growth and manufacturing, and the environment.  We need to reduce our carbon footprint to levels that will ensure the survival of the planet. Certain technologies exist to achieve this.  Drytech is dedicated to providing these technologies to industry to promote Environmental Responsibility in manufacturing.
This is Industrial Environmentalism.
Humanity needs to acknowledge that we cannot reverse the impacts that we have made on the planet overnight.  We must slow down the momentum of the environmental monster we have created. We must reduce its size, step by step, until we have achieved the requisite balance to sustain the planet. And then, we must reverse it to ensure that the biodiversity of life on the planet is maintained.
The technology that Drytech uses will provide the greatest environmental benefit at the least capital cost to the manufacturer. Drytech is committed to moving in the right direction, making constant and continual incremental improvements, and implementing state of the art technology to ensure that your systems are the most efficient and eco-friendly systems in the world.
What is not widely known is that this technology will save you money.  By being energy efficient you will cut your operating costs and will save significant money over years of operation. Reducing waste will increase productivity and reduce disposal costs.  Being environmentally responsible is a win-win for everyone.
The fact is we can have a clean environment and a healthy manufacturing economy.