Dublix Engineering a Danish company among the world leaders in combustion optimization of Waste to Energy and Biomass Combustion plants and other plants treating industrial processes that requires advanced combustion control. The target for implementing our unique technology is to provide max. efficiency of the combustion process or related processes, a typical result is a 5-10 % efficiency increase. References are including; Veolia, Sita, Viridor, Hitachi Zosen Inova, Valmet, Dalkia etc. Dublix provides the FuzEvent System for implementing control strategies which follow a control scheme that takes its starting point from the way a the best human operator would control the process. Dublix Engineering provides the DD-Jet boiler cleaning system for on-line cleaning of the open boiler passes of boilers requiring effeccient cleaning. Dublix Engineering apply top level engineering expertise as an important element to all our solutions.

Company details

Grusbakken 10 , Gentofte , DK-2820 Denmark

Locations Served

Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Energy - Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Dublix Engineering - a Danish company among the world leaders in optimization of Waste to Energy, Biomass Combustion plants and Mineral Production plants.

  • Dublix Engineering has more than 20 years expertise in applying expert systems for combustion systems and mineral production processes.
  • Dublix Engineering's expertise covers specialist competences within all technical fields on the Waste to Energy and Biomass Combustion plants.
  • Dublix Engineering has extensive expertise from Pulp and Paper, Cement and mineral process industry with high level control and optimization.
  • Dublix Engineering aims to be a long term professional partner in the necessary ongoing optimization process required in our target industries operating large energy consuming or energy producing plants.
  • Dublix Engineering operates with a team of experts based on a high level of trust, confidence and reliability in our work to achieve the desired optimization goals.

  • Extended needs for optimization; Dublix Engineering envisages a future requiring fast and flexible reaction for more efficient operating plants, with more emphasis on capacity, energy production or energy consumption and an environmental optimal operation.
  • High Professional Standards; Dublix Engineering provides a team of professional specialists.
  • Unique Products and Services; Dublix Engineering provides unique product and service packages where other suppliers are not available on the marked in order to support our target; to optimize our client’s processes.
  • Respect and Confidence; The overall vision of Dublix Engineering is to be recognized and respected in the market - based on a high level of client confidence with our work.

Dublix Engineering A/S is owned by Parvang Holding ApS and Dublix Consulting ApS, each representing 50% of the shares in Dublix Engineering A/S.

Dublix Engineering operates internationally within marketing, sales and project implementation.

Process optimization and plant operation in:

  • Waste to Energy plants
  • Biomass and Energy plants
  • Mineral and Cement Industries