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Dürr Systems AG - Clean Technology Systems is the world`s largest manufacturer of VOC and HAP emission control systems. Dürr Clean Technology Systems has the ability to deliver full-service abatement solutions, from initial design through training and operations for diverse systems, including regenerative, recuperative and catalytic oxidizers, adsorption concentrators, and particulate control systems. Each system is configured to suit specific industry applications and process conditions for air pollution control. Dürr is a mechanical and plant engineering group that holds leading positions in the world market in its areas of operation. The Dürr Group operates in the market with five divisions. The Clean Technology Systems division is focused on processes to improve air emissions abatement and energy efficiency. Dürr makes a key contribution to reducing air pollution in a wide range of industries.

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Carl-Benz-Strasse 34 , Bietigheim-Bissingen , 74321 Germany

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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State-of-the-art plant technology ensures the efficient destruction of exhaust gases and residues while ensuring a high level of process reliability and reduced energy consumption.

Manufacturing processes can produce exhaust gases and vapors that can harm the environment if not treated properly. In order to protect the environment, these  gases and vapors must be removed from the exhaust stream before they are released to the atmosphere. Industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical and printing and metal coating, as well as automotive and industrial painting among others are generally affected by the need to control air emissions.

With Dürr Clean Technology Systems equipment, such as thermal exhaust air purification, catalytic oxidation, adsorption and absorption, the gases and vapors in these industries can be removed effectively. 

To complete the range of technologies Dürr is also enhancing their energy efficiency products, such as the micro gas turbine and “Organic Rankine Cycle” technology.

As a system partner, Dürr combines technical know-how with global availability to support customers worldwide. From planning to implementation and service, Dürr supplies efficient, effective, and comprehensive solutions.