Dungeness Environmental`s core business is the manufacturing and sales of chitosan-based water purification polymers for the construction and industrial market. The chitin, chitosan and water treatment experts at Dungeness offer certified training, system design, troubleshooting, permit assistance and more. Dungeness owns and operates a shellfish cannery in South Bend, WA that generates large quantities of crab and shrimp shell material that we recycle to produce a powerful biopolymer called ChitoVan. Our ChitoVan chitosan product line is available as a liquid solution or soluble salt. Water treated with ChitoVan causes small dirt particles to clump together which can then settle in a tank/pond or be filtered. We have other chitosan-based polymers and related equipment available for a variety of needs.

Company details

11805 North Creek Parkway S, Suite 101A , Bothell , Washington 98011 USA

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


Our mission is to help people solve challenging water quality problems the natural way.

To accomplish this we are committed to innovating practical new environmental solutions, educating the community and developing long lasting partnerships with those who share our philosophy.

Dungeness Environmental is a relatively new company, formed in early 2009, as a division of Dungeness Development Associates, by experts in chitin, chitosan and water treatment in response to the increasing demand for natural water purification technologies. Although a new company, the history of chitosan technology development among the staff of Dungeness Environmental is far reaching. Select from the following links to learn more about our background.

Core business:
Manufacturing and sales of ChitoVan chitosan products for water purification as well as related services and support.

Company history:
Dungeness Environmental was formed by chemists, construction managers, and water treatment professionals in January 2009 as a division of Dungeness Development Associates, Inc.

Dungeness Environmental employees have one-hundred years of combined experience in the field of chitin and chitosan technologies. Chitosan-based water treatment methods were developed, tested, perfected and proven to be highly effective by the staff of Dungeness Environmental.

Dungeness Environmental realizes that there is a growing demand for water purification technologies throughout the world and will continue to develop practical new solutions to meet these needs.