Duroair Technologies Inc.

Duroair Technologies Inc.

Dedicated to improving the health and safety of workers and the efficiency of plant operations, Duroair Technologies, Inc., engineers and manufactures flexible end-to-end clean air solutions for industrial facilities. Throughout North America, Duroair partners with companies in the aerospace, defense, marine, and metal fabrication industries to innovate tailored solutions that meet environmental, health, and safety regulations while having a positive impact on the bottom line. We engineer and manufacture retractable enclosures, modular clean rooms, and tailored dust collectors that have a positive impact on your bottom line. Duroair’s signature product is its patented retractable enclosure system, which can be engineered to meet EHS requirements governing processes ranging from finishing to clean room production.

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5850 Don Murie Street, Unit D , Niagara Falls , Ontario L2G 0B3 Canada
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Air Filtration
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Internationally (various countries)

Making the Business Case for Clean Air

At Duroair, we believe everyone deserves a clean and safe working environment. For more than a decade, we’ve invested in research and development to design and manufacture industrial clean air solutions that not only meet EHS compliance, but also have a measurable impact on the manufacturing bottom line.

From North America to China, Europe and beyond, we’re committed to:

  • Improving overall health and safety in manufacturing facilities
  • Engineering solutions to isolate, capture, and contain a wide variety of industrial processes
  • Going beyond EHS compliance to maximize efficiency and productivity

Innovating Industrial Clean Air Solutions

Never satisfied with the status quo, we’re always searching for new technology and methods for creating a clean air competitive advantage:

  • Hexavalent Chromium Protection: Through independent testing, Duroair has verified that our exhaust systems meet or exceed NESHAP 319 standards by capturing and containing hexavalent chromium – allowing clean air to be recirculated back into the manufacturing space or vented outside.
  • Dust Collection Innovation: Because your employees are your most valuable assets, Duroair has developed DuroDust™, a dust collection system that provides a properly-vented, regulated work area that limits employees’ exposure to respirable silica, metal dust, and other particulates.
  • Space-Saving Hinge Design: Space efficiency is always a priority, so Duroair has created a new hinge design that does not impact the enclosure footprint and moves up in the vertical wall axis, while the building retracts to under 20 percent of its extended length.

Delivering ROI Via Compliant Clean Air

At Duroair, we go beyond compliance to deliver real value for your clean air investment.

Keeping environmental regulators off your back is just good business. This is why Duroair engineers custom-designed, flexible clean air solutions that meet EPA, OSHA, NFPA, and NESHAP compliance standards.

We can also help you increase productivity and improve overall operations to become:

  • Better equipped to meet all your industry’s clean air regulatory requirements
  • Better equipped to provide a clean, safe working environment
  • Better equipped to increase your operational efficiency and bottom line
We’ve Got Your Compliance Covered

We can design a responsive solution to meet your industry’s clean air standards, including the following environmental and safety requirements.

Always Engineered to Meet Your Production Goals

Combining our innovative retractable enclosures with our advanced air filtration systems, a Duroair solution is a true end-to-end air filtration solution built to isolate, capture, and contain a wide variety of industrial processes.

Partnering with us means partnering with a solutions provider that is always responsive to your manufacturing reality. The result is a clean air solution that is better for compliance, better for overall employee health and safety, and better for your bottom line.

Ensuring Your Requirements Come First
  • Analyze your technical, space, and budgetary requirements
  • Propose a tailored solution to improve your manufacturing compliance, efficiency, and productivity
  • Design, produce, and install your customized retractable enclosure and air handling unit
  • Follow up to ensure your solution is fully compliant and creating a cleaner, safer, more productive working environment