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Dutch Incinerators BV is a Western Europe based company providing turn-key solutions in thermal waste processing, waste-to-energy solutions and related waste handling infrastructure. Main focus of Dutch Incinerators BV is to provide rotary kiln incinerators for the treatment of hazardous (chemical) and medical wastes with various waste-to-energy options. Typical products are rotary kiln based hazardous chemical waste and medical waste incinerators with optional waste-to-energy technology. Our systems are characterized by EXTREME ROBUSTNESS with strict focus on reliability, safety and operational up time, resulting from 30 years hands-on experience in hazardous waste engineering, construction and operations.

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Berkenstraat 1 , Sint Jansteen , 4564BX Netherlands

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Waste and Recycling - Waste to Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Our goal is to serve our clients based on the following main objectives:

Compliance with the strictest environmental regulations on the planet
Originating from a region with the strictest discipline on the environmental impact of waste treatment facilities, Dutch Incinerators has a multi-decennia experience in the design, construction and operation of these processes to the strictest global environmental rules. Our designs meet any standard on the planet, based on a long proven experience.

State-of-the-art technical solutions

Dutch Incinerators uses the latest design technologies for product development; such as 3D design, FEM-analysis and state-of-the-art plant automation solutions.

Optimum operational reliability

Proper plant design is all about operational reliability. Specifically incineration system clogging, probably the most underestimated problem in waste processing, is effectively solved by Dutch Incinerators, simply by the fact that we have been active in this line of work since the 1980’s. We have experienced all related problems and learned how to solve these, over time, the hard way.

No compromises in our designs regarding system operational reliability.

Our aim is to provide waste treatment processes with an annual uptime of at least 95%!

Cost effectiveness, both on investments as day to day operations

The Dutch Incinerators subsidiary in Europe provides the engineering, design, final quality control and R&D for each project.
The Dutch Incinerators subsidiary in SE-Asia coordinates construction, testing and final realization of each project.
This enables Dutch Incinerators to construct and build their facilities to the most competitive price at the best technical standards, with European overall quality of the end product.


We keep our promises, deliver on time, take our responsibility towards the quality of our products. And, will always be available to communicate with you and solve your problems.

To provide state-of-the-art waste processing solutions, to the best technical means AND in the most cost effective way. No compromises on the quality of our end products, this all provided at the best possible price.


ROTARY KILN INCINERATORS as provided by DUTCH INCINERATORS are typically applied in the following KEY MARKETS:

       Medical and infectious waste incineration,

       Thermal desorption (soil cleaning),

       Hazardous waste incineration, including:

       Solid wastes,

       Sludge, slurries,

       Combustible liquids,

       Waste waters,

       High chlorinated hydrocarbons and PCB’s,

       Petrochemical wastes,

       Refinery wastes,

       Pharmaceutical wastes.

Dutch Incinerators delivers the Rotary Kiln based Incinerators to the following product range. Note, numerous options are available on energy recovery, flue gas treatment, waste feeding, etc.

Dutch Incinerators Rotary Kiln Incinerators Product Range

Dutch Incinerators BV was established in 2013 by Mr. Jan Huijben

Jan is active in waste related operations since 1989 and has been working at waste treatment companies and engineering/contractors.

His main focus has been the project management, process- and mechanical design, construction and operation of hazardous waste treatment plants and equipment, mainly orientated to thermal waste treatment processes.

Prior to the initiation of his own company Dutch Incinerators BV in 2013, he has been working for leading waste treatment companies in the ASEAN region, Europe and the USA, engineering/contractors and an incinerator construction company. This as Project Manager, Plant Operations Manager and as a Senior Process/Mechanical Engineer (and related disciplines).

He has an extensive experience in construction, project management and the design and operation of hazardous waste specific equipment and processes.

Although originating from Europe, Dutch Incinerators BV has a strong presence in Asia and has been active in SE-Asia for more than 10 years.