Dyna-Pro Environmental

Dyna-Pro Environmental

Dyna-Pro Environmental manufactures Ultra-Pure and Ultra-Plus reverse osmosis purified water dispensing systems, bottle-less water coolers and refillable-bottle washer/sanitization stations for self-serve purified water consumers. We are also a leading manufacturer and distributor of residential, commercial /industrial and retail water purification equipment. From very modest beginnings in 1990, Dyna-Pro has evolved into a company that provides water purification systems, which are installed and operated by major retailers across Canada. The dream of the founders was to provide the consumer with clean, ultrapure and refreshing drinking water with no chemicals and no pollutants, at an affordable price. That vision quickly became a reality, and more recently, as an option, Dyna-Pro Environmental also offers Ultra-Plus! water.

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565 Roseberry Street , Winnipeg , Manitoba R3H 0T3 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Nationally (across the country)
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In this process, Ultra-Pure water flows through a specially formulated mixed mineral bed that alkalines the water (ph 7+) , and dissolves specific trace elements and minerals into the water!

We have since gone on to build WaterStationsTM (bottleless water coolers) and reverse osmosis systems for use in home and commercial applications, and as a result of demand and market growth in purified water, we have expanded to develop systems that are suitable to produce ultra-pure water for commercial/industrial and retail environments.

At Dyna-Pro Environmental, we take our role as an environmentally and safety conscious manufacturer very seriously, and as such we stand behind our products and services. We address such environmental and social concerns as:

  • safe water: ultra-pure, delectable and affordable
  • Plastics in the area of toxins: BPA-free PET bottle manufacturing
  • over-use of landfills & land degradation: “Don’t landfill – REFILL!”
  • energy conservation & depletion of resources
  • Green Solutions for reducing consumer use of water, salt, and energy