Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc., is a company dedicated to advancing chromatography and separation science. We formulate and manufactures proprietary and specialized chemical adsorbents used for the purification of industrial compounds. DAI`s work with large companies and government agencies will become more pronounced in the future due to its involvement in developing state of the art solutions to the growing swine flu and other disease control and public safety problems facing our country and the world. Standardized alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents. DAI`s work with large companies and government agencies will become more pronounced in the future due to its involvement in developing state of the art solutions to the growing swine flu and other disease control and public safety problems facing our country and the world.

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3280 Peachtree Corners Circle, Suite E , Norcross , Georgia 30092 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Chemical Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

DAI  is the only company whose proprietary and patented technology has revolutionized the way alumina is rated and used for chromatography, separation science, environmental cleanup and disease control over the past 35 years. The result - the highest quality alumina and silica in the industry, and the ability to develop specialized and customized solutions for the widest range of applications.

The DAI management team has been and will continue to be at the forefront of industrial purification for some of the most important health and safety issues of our times - from separation and food purification, to environmental cleanup, such as lead, arsenic and pcb removal, and disease control (protection against bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms).  We are leaders in the field of separating and purifying chemical compounds in large volume for pilot and production applications and our commitment is to continue advancing chromatography and separation science in order to find new ways to better clean up our environment and protect the public.

Thanks to our history, technology, solution orientation, ability to customize products, and many other advantages over competitors, a growing number of companies, research labs, and government agencies large and small are turning towards DAI for their chromatography, separation and environmental cleanup needs.  They recognize that these features, along with DAI's service, 'highest quality in the industry' alumina and silica, quality control, and widest variety of products thanks to our specialized and customized production targeted to the broadest range of applications in the industry, make DAI the best choice to provide the best products and solutions for many separation and environmental cleanup needs.  In fact, much of our new business comes from being the only company able to offer already-made or customized purification products manufactured to deal with new and existing applications.

Standardized alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents. Our unique, customized aluminas have proven to be superior materials critical to achieving the best results in a diverse number of chromatographic applications. DAI makes a number of specialty aluminas that deal with PCB removal; pyrogen removal; purifying, separating and product formulations in the radioactive field; solvent purification; pilot and process applications; gas and liquid dehydration; removal of lead and heavy metals from water; scavenger alumina for impurities; decolorization; and the removal of arsenic from water.

DrySphere™ is a new, dust free, spherical activated alumina manufactured to optimize desiccant performance. Our activated alumina is highly porous and exhibits tremendous surface area. Activated alumina is resistant to thermal stock and abrasion and will not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when immersed in water.

The DynaFlash™ family of pre-packaged cartridge products provide a cost effective solution to more expensive commercial alternatives. The DynaFlash™ family of cartridges offers precisely what you have come to expect from all DAI products --the best alumina or silica, and the best bonded phase packing material available for academic or industrial usage. The DynaFlash™ Cartridges can be customized with a wide variety of aluminas and silicas, both with a variety of pore sizes, particle distribution ranges and in normal or bonded phases.

Our Dyna-Aqua™ line uses specially created aluminas to remove toxic and heavy metals from water.  The latest addition to the line, Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb,™ was created to deal with the recent oil spill problem in the Gulf of Mexico.  According to independent tests, the combination of DAI alumina and specially formulated cotton from Hobbs Bonded Fibers provides a cost-effective and efficient method of removing oil from the ocean - removing not only the oil, but toxic fumes and vapors. In addition, this method allows 60% of the oil to be recovered.

Dynamic Adsorbents' technology and experience has resulted in one of the broadest TLC programs in the world with a variety of phases, layers and plate types, including silica gels, aluminas, cellulose and PEI cellulose.

DAI Silica gels are carefully manufactured and quality assured to produce an excellent Laboratory and Pilot Process chromatographic material. From raw material to finished product, we precisely control the physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and surface chemistry to ensure reproducible, optimized chromatographic behavior for uniform capacity, selectivity and improved resolution.

Our Nylon foil tubing is used to hold or contain the silica gel or alumina for dry column chromatography. Florisil PR is a new selective adsorbent, specially processed to give consistent results when used for column cleanup and separation of chlorinated pesticide residue prior to identification and measurement of the pesticide by gas, thin layer or paper chromatography.


Thanks to our specialized and customized aluminas and silicas, DAI is the only company able to service the widest range of existing and new applications, including:

  • Alkaloid separation
  • Antibiotic development
  • PCB removal
  • Arsenic removal
  • Lead Removal
  • Copper Removal
  • Pyrogen Removal
  • Fluoride Removal
  • Protection against germs and viruses
  • Nutraceutical purification
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Decolorization