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  • Activated Alumina

    Activated Alumina

    The DAI team wrote the book when it comes to activated alumina. Literally, not figuratively. For over 40 years innovations by the DAI team have played a major role in the exponential growth of the use of alumina for chromatography and other separation technologies. Standardized Alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents. Never before has an adsorbent been more precisely standardized and introduced such a high degree of reproducibility when...

  • Silica Gel

    Silica Gel

    Dynamic Adsorbents’ silica gels are carefully manufactured and quality assured to provide the ideal laboratory and pilot process chromatographic material. As with alumina, independent tests have shown that DAI produces the highest quality silica gel on the market today.In addition, we carefully control the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product including physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and...

  • Drysphere - Activated Alumina Spheres

    Drysphere - Activated Alumina Spheres

    Dynamic Adsorbents Drysphere is the ONLY activated alumina on the market that can extract and adsorb 36% of its own weight in water, which is 3 times more than the standard alumina product offered by competitors. No other commercial media can remove as much water. It is the superior desiccant agent in the marketplace for the drying of industrial liquids and gases.

  • Model TLC - Plates

    Model TLC - Plates

    Dynamic Adsorbents' technology and experience has resulted in one of the broadest TLC-HPTLC-'S' HPTLC programs in the world. Included in the program are silica gels, aluminas, cellulose and PEI cellulose. The layers can also be normal or reverse phase as well. In addition, we supply these materials in a broad variety of layers and plate types including glass backed, aluminum backed and plastic backed. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is among the most...

  • Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb - Alumina for Oil Spills and Cleanup

    Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb - Alumina for Oil Spills and Cleanup

    Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb™ (DA Oil Sorb™ ) was developed for the removal of crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico or sea water by combining the two most powerful mechanisms for capturing the greatest amount of oil from surface water - DAI Dyna-Aqua high adsorbent specialized alumina, and Hobbs Bonded Fibers' specialized cotton. By impregnating cotton with specialized alumina, DA Oil Sorb™ is able to bind up to 3 gallons (+/- 0.2 gal) of oil for...

  • Dyna-Aqua - Activated Alumina Based Metal Oxide Lead

    Dyna-Aqua - Activated Alumina Based Metal Oxide Lead

    Dyna-Aqua™ Lead is a custom designed large particle activated alumina based metal oxide for the removal of lead from industrial wastewater with an effective size of greater than 200 microns. It is specifically designed, modified and chemically treated in order to enhance the removal of dissolved lead from a water stream. It is ideal for point of use applications and more cost efficient and less energy intensive than...