The Wolverine Extreme has advanced to a new standard in ditcher performance, efficiency and durability. The Wolverine scrapes and spreads the soil in a single operation, creating and maintaining ditches, waterways and terraces in half the time it takes with other equipment. This unique combination combines the features of a land scraper and utilizes the tractor`s power take off to drive an upright steel rotating impeller, spreading the soil evenly on the field for up to 150 feet to the left or right, eliminating the need to spread it out in a second operation. The Wolverine can move up to 750 yards of dirt per hour. Proudly serving North American Farmers - over 500 Wolverine ditchers are now being used in the United States, Western Canada, Hungary and Australia.

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“For years I have heard farmers complain about the equipment available for ditching their fields to control runoff,” recalls Adolf Vaags, a retired farmer and independent equipment salesman from Dugald, Manitoba. “They would talk about the piles of dirt and the tractor tire ruts left behind when using a scraper and how hard it was on equipment when they have to go through these ditches later. Some would even farm around the ditches to avoid going through the ruts. I was aware of the rotary ditcher design but knew I could do better. I wanted to build a ditcher that would cut a flat bottom like a scraper, throw the dirt to the left or right, include driveline protection for the tractor and ditcher, work in heavy clay soils and be super heavy duty to last for years.” “Between 1999 and 2007 many prototypes were built to get the machine to work in heavy clay soils. In 2007 two of my sons joined the company and we started our first production run in 2008. By the end of 2014 we will have about 275 machines across North America, two in Europe and two in Australia. Many of these machines have over 1000 hours on them and our customers are thrilled with their performance. We listen to our customers and their input has helped us improve the Wolverine. It’s more durable than ever and we’ve added some requested features. Our top notch employees manufacture the Wolverine with the highest quality to ensure performance is second to none. It’s the best ditcher money can buy.”

Key Benefits of the Wolverine:

  • gets the job done in half the time of other equipment
  • eliminates the operation of leveling the dirt piles or ridges left behind by scrapers, graders and bulldozers
  • reduces field compaction compared to using other equipment
  • reduces fuel and labor costs 
  • uses a five foot wide, flat cutting blade 
  • throws dirt to the left or right
  • built with heavy duty construction
  • driveline protection on the kicker shaft and the PTO shaft
  • works in heavy clay soils
  • can be used virtually throughout the growing season 
  • allows field equipment to easily pass through the ditches immediately after making them