E.C.O. Italia s.r.l

E.C.O. Italia s.r.l

E.C.O. Italia s.r.l

E.C.O. Italia s.r.l is specialized in the trading of lubricants and related products (greases, hydraulic fluids). Our core business is the distribution of the latest generation of Environmentally Considerate Lubricants PANOLIN , and KLEENOIL – PANOLIN microfiltration systems of which we are sole distributors for the Italian market. In the BtoB market, we act as partner for the sustainable development of the blooming sector of ecological lubrication for all the modern industry and we’re already organized for BtoC service.

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Via Lirone 60/h , Castel Maggiore , BO 40013 Italy
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We have a strong experience in the sector thanks to the valuable know-how of the founders in both the industrial and the automotive lubrication. We have a strong attitude towards innovation and environment and we take care of permanent training of our staff. We also give specialized consultancy to our customers and help them to monitor their CO2 emissions, since environmentally considerate lubricants substantially contribute to reduce them.

Environment prevention is one of our company objective: to realize it, we created CENTRO STUDI E.C.O. Italia whose aim is to create a GREEN CULTURE in the lubrication market and develop to our customers, suppliers and partner a complete and transparent information on ecological topic.

  • Founded in 2000 under the name AM2 OMNIA SERVIZI S.r.l., it was born as a service company operating promotional activity per order , with a strong technical vocation , oriented to prevention, safety and environmental in the industrial and automotive field.
  • At the end of 2002 it changes its social object and gets the sale of lubricants and similar products.
  • In 2003 begins it partnership with PANOLIN AG, based on a contract that sets E.C.O. Italia S.r.l. sole importer and distributor for Italy of PANOLIN lubricants.
  • In 2004 implements its Quality System and achieves the Iso 9001: 2000 Certification with BVQI
  • In 2007 and 2010 successfully overcomes the quality certification renew Iso 9001:2000 with Bureau Veritas
  • In march 2013 the company succesfully overcomes the renewal inspection and gets the ISO 9001:2008 certification with  Rina
  • It is specialized in the dealing ( and the related technical services) of lubricants and conventional greases, food grade special lubricants and, above all, biodegradable lubricants and greases for the industrial and automotive market.
  • Changing the company name into E.C.O. Italia confirms once more its strategic choices and represents a fundamental step in its evolution , within the corporate social responsibility, making clear its prior effort in environmental protection. Thanks to these values and efforts, E.C.O. Italia has been pointed as deserved company of th award “Mercurio d’oro 2008”, obtained in May the 11th 2008 with the following reason “To witness its merits in management and underline the high contribution of the small, medium and big companies to the economic and social development of the nation”.
  • Our values and principles are
    • integrity and equity
    • commitment towards customers, partners and suppliers
    • reliability and flexibility towards people
    • respect for environmental
    • innovation and constant training
    • professional competence
    • courage and vision

“Every day we improve with our customers and are proud to do, together with them, something innovative to preserve environment “

We are committed to fulfilling the needs of modern customers thanks to the high-tech lubricants we offer and a strong  determination to constantly improve the quality standard of our products.

For us it is fundamental:

  • to improve the performance of your equipment and the efficiency of your company;
  • to optimize the costs with long life lubricants;
  • to protect environment by encouraging the  conscious and innovative choice of biodegradable lubricants;
  • to fulfil what we promise and face new challenges;