E-COVA s.r.l.

E-COVA s.r.l.

At E-COVA we collect and process waste solid tyres and press-on bands. The result is a marketable rubber powder, buffing and mulch that can be reused as a ‘secondary’ raw material in different areas like construction field, urban design and street furniture. This is the only legal way to get through the waste solid tyres that otherwise would pollute our environment. The final result of the working process is a marketable buffing, This is what we deal with: to give a new value to the material that has finished its working life.

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Via Lamari, 15 , Casalmaggiore (CR) , 26041 Italy

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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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E-COVA: an innovative factory. In our plant we are collecting and processing solid tyres and press-on bands to obtain raw material that can be reused.

Nowadays more and more companies are operating in the public and private construction field. Those industries need an increasing quantity of buffing to make insulating boards, safety floor tiles and synthetic mulch. Also, under the railway tracks, buffing is used for anti-vibrations boards.

We strongly feel the need to engage ourselves and contribute to save the landscapes from tyres pollution in total respect of the E.U. laws.