E.I.Tec. GmbH Energy and Environmental Technology

E.I.Tec. GmbH Energy and Environmental Technology

E.I.Tec. was founded in 1995 by Frank Grosch (Dipl.-Ing.) and Ralph Wolfrum (Dipl.-Ing.). Our business is construction, building, turn-key assembly and commissioning flue gas purification and energy recovery units. Units that we have planned and constructed are to be found in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in North America, Asia and Australia. Our team consists of specialists for process engineering, air flow technology and electrical engineering as well as chemical engineers, physicists, designers, technicians, and drafters who have all got the necessary skills for the corresponding applications.

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Bahnhofstra├če 50 , Mistelgau , D-95490 Germany
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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

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For us exhaust air purification is a necessary and important measure for the protection of the environment and we are committed to this
task. We keep on basing our philosophy on environment protection measures that do not follow a maxime of 'safety demands a price' but which are subject to considerations about sound financial relations for the application needed.

Initially users do not benefit directly from air purification measures. In addition to that, those measures do not increase productivity. For this reason and facing competition that is getting fiercer, air purification systems that take into account economical investments and operating costs are indispensable.

Our philosophy is based on measures that are always directly related to cost savings for operational expenditures and investments.
Safety, quality and availability of our units are for us basic requirements. We implement innovative ideas in order to ensure this.

Our customers profit from our customer-specific adaption of units in combination with the corresponding internal completion, project-planning and coordination measures.

For us every customer’s problem is special. This is why understanding previous processes have top priority. This understanding might lead to various approaches to problem solving when giving advice to our customers and may result in different investments or operational expenditures.

We think that cooperation with our customer is critical as they have to decide how the required unit will fit into their strategy.

In order to fulfill our own high standards of quality we constantly monitor our units during production and inspect them on a regular basis.

This results in a high degree of availability and safety of our units.


We can also provide turn-key units so that our customers can concentrate on their daily business and production.

Our customers can choose between installation of single components or complete turn-key units including transport, mechanical and electrical installation, lifting devices (e.g. cranes), initial operation, briefing/introduction, training of staff and building of unit foundations.

The decision about delivery limitations and possible customer's contribution is the customer's responsibility.

In the case of turn-key units we usually refer to the FIDIC 'Orange Book' as this is the document that regulates the terms and conditions for all parties.

With the large number of various different application requirements of our customers and the regulations and laws that they have to observe, we have achieved a high level of flexibility. We can also demonstrate this flexibility in planning and design, which means additional profit for our customers.

'Thinking outside the box' is our daily business. Should conventional solutions not be available we can also develop innovative prototypes and push them until they reach market maturity.

When we are looking for solutions we do not always go the easy way but always try for the innovative solution for our customers.

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