e.terras AG

e.terras AG

e.terras coordinates the interdisciplinary cooperation. We establish turn-key geothermal power plants with the highest efficiency – made in Germany. We are proud to provide this as a one-stop product as the first company worldwide. The Munich-based company disposes exclusively of the latest power plant technology New Kalina and is well prepared for the growth market of the future. The core of our earth sends out more than two and a half of the worldwide needed energy every day. On this power of the earth the e.terras AG sets its focus. `Ex Terra - coming from earth` - e.terras has set itself the target to use the gigantic geothermal power together with its professional partners for a longterm secured power supply. This ambitious challenge requires state-of-the-art technology and the cooperation of many specialists and professionals - from the exploration of the geothermal fields over the planning and the construction of the plant to the sustainable operation.

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Mittenheimer Str. 4 , Oberschleissheim near Munic , 85764 Germany
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Geothermal Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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New Kalina as the most sophisticated and modern power plant technology offers the economic use of geothermal power for heating, cooling and electricity. The innovative New Kalina Cycle is the most efficient and so the most future-pro of process available on the market and features compared to older systems the highest efficiency to generate electricity from geothermal power. The road to an efficient geothermal power plant based on New Kalina in Europe will lead to the e.terras AG. As the licenser we plan, coordinate and realise geothermal power plants with leading professional partners. One-stop and Turn-key on demand.