E3G is an independent not-for-profit organisation, established in 2004, that works in the public interest to accelerate the global transition to sustainable development. We build coalitions to achieve carefully defined outcomes, chosen for their capacity to leverage change. E3G founders had been working together and developing their shared thinking for several years before the organisation was constituted in 2004. Initially undertaking high-level diplomatic activities linked to the personal experience and influence of its founders, E3G has since been gently growing its portfolio of activities. E3G now has four strategic programmes, six additional members of staff, and an extensive network of aligned individuals and organisations.

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47 Great Guildford Street , London , SE1 0ES United Kingdom
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Globally (various continents)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

E3G makes things happen. We work to deliver outcomes with strategic significance for the transition to sustainable development.

We do this by forging closer alignment between the actions of government, business and civil society bodies. Our collective experience in policy, politics and diplomacy gives us a unique capacity to catalyse change across institutional boundaries.

How we work

Our method is as important as our mission.

We operate in three related modes:

Coalitions: we identify and construct the new coalitions and networks necessary to achieve targeted sustainable development outcomes;

Strategy: we work with partners on projects to deliver the strategic visions and organisational change that underpin successful responses to the risks and opportunities of sustainable development;

Advice: we provide high level advice on policy and politics to selected individuals and institutions.

E3G is agenda driven. We work with partners from business, government and civil society who are addressing the same challenges. This entails a high degree of mutuality in our goals.

We add value by making connections between and within organisations. The accelerating pace of change in an increasingly resource-constrained world demands better, and faster, alignment of actions between government, business and civil society organisations.

Delivering enhanced outcomes means animating new forms of collaboration and building new coalitions for change. It means constructing effective conversations on key issues between politicians, policy makers, investors and campaigners.

E3G brings a unique set of critical capabilities to this task. Our principals have distinguished track records at senior level in government, business and NGOs. They have developed a sophisticated and successful approach to the delivery of sustainable development outcomes.

E3G is organised around a permanent strategic conversation which identifies the critical actions required to accelerate change, and the political, economic, technical and cultural conditions needed to drive it. This combines the expertise of all E3G staff in the development of compelling strategic insights and narratives which shape our interventions.

The delivery of complex change requires that political conditions and policy options are combined in real choices for decision-makers. All too often these alignments are left to chance. Drawing on our experience in driving change we have developed an innovative and effective 'change methodology', which we use to test and refine potential interventions. This enables us to approach complex problems with confidence and clarity.

As a result of this structured approach, each of our operational strands reinforces the others. Our Advice activities enable us to better target our construction of Coalitions and focus our Strategy work on areas that will deliver key outcomes. Similarly, the analysis generated and experience gained by driving change through our Coalitions and Strategy activities enable us to give high level Advice that is grounded in the realities of achieving sustainable development outcomes.

Achieving targeted outcomes

Too often discussions on sustainable development focus on what needs to be done, rather than how this can be achieved. Delivering change always requires the alignment of support from many groups – government, business, science, the media and others. E3G’s core skill is in assembling new coalitions and networks to turn the possible into the actual.

E3G’s coalition building and political animation activities are built on a strategic understanding informed by our unique 'insider-outsider' perspective. Our international expertise and engagement in on-going relationships enable us to identify critical strategic change interventions. We then engage the right people at the right time, in the right context with the right choices, so as to achieve successful outcomes.

During 2007 E3G is working with Chatham House and other stakeholders to build an EU-China partnership to discuss energy and climate interdependence issues.

E3G built a strong insider-outsider coalition in Europe to promote an ambitious set of commitments on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) at the March 2007 European Council. The Council Conclusions agreed that Europe will build 12-14 CCS demonstration plants by 2015, and would aim to have CCS deployed as standard by 2020.

During 2005 E3G was closely involved in the informal diplomacy that led to the agreement between the EU and China to build an advanced coal demonstration plant with carbon capture and storage in China.

In 2004, E3G built a network of public officials, political leaders, professional advisers and non-government activists in five countries to help broker agreement between Russia and the EU over ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

Strategic visions and organisational change

Delivering sustainable development solutions requires fresh thinking and collaboration across organisational and institutional boundaries. Available resources need to be mobilised in a coherent and effective way to grasp opportunities that might otherwise be lost. E3G works to leverage significantly better performance from existing organisations.

E3G works with corporate and institutional partners to deliver the strategic visions and organisational change that underpin successful responses to the risks and opportunities of sustainable development. We facilitate strategic thinking processes, undertake political and policy analysis of complex challenges, and develop decision-making tools for ongoing use.

High level analysis and insight

Institutions and their leaders face increasingly difficult challenges in responding strategically in the face of a complex and changing world. If they are to overcome external uncertainty they need to have confidence in their own approach. E3G has long experience of providing high level advice that unlocks potential and accelerates change.

E3G provides high level strategic political and policy analysis and advice to institutional partners to assist them in navigating today’s new challenges. We work directly with senior individuals and with government departments, NGOs and the private sector.

E3G carefully chooses which advisory relationships to enter into based on the ability of the organisation to lead and catalyse change.