EA Internacional

EA Internacional

EA Internacional is a joint-venture formed by six engineering companies. Initially its activities were primarily focused on nuclear and fossil-fired power plant engineering and design, including all the services required to implement these types of projects. EA Internacional has been involved in many nuclear power plant projects all over the world. The experience gained has permitted diversification into other industrial sectors such as aerospace, defence, communications, etc. EA Internacional organisation, including expertise in project management, logistics, civil-structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, instrumentation and control, computers, simulation and nuclear safety disciplines.

Company details

C/ San Bernardo, 123 - 7th floor , 28015 , 28015 Spain

Locations Served

Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Energy - Nuclear Power
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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EcosimPro and PROOSIS simulation tools

EcosimPro and PROOSIS are powerful mathematical tools capable of modelling any kind of dynamic system represented by differential-algebraic equations (DAE) or ordinary-differential equations (ODE) and discrete events. They are integrated visual environments that provide intuitive tools for making simulation easy.

The tools provide an object-oriented acausal approach for creating reusable component libraries and are based on very powerful symbolic and numerical methods capable of processing complex systems of differential-algebraic equations. With theirs clever wizards, they provide modellers with an easy way to build consistent mathematical models.

EcosimPro and PROOSIS are used by leading companies in the Aerospace and Energy sectors. European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen EcosimPro as its recommended tool for simulation in several fields, including propulsion, environmental control systems and life support (ECLSS) and power systems. For the last 15 years, ESA has turned to EcosimPro to model complex systems of the International Space Station (ISS), rocket propulsion and biological systems, among others.