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  • Prevent Partial Discharge Failures

  • PD Monitor GIS System

    PD Monitor GIS System

    The PD Monitor GIS™ is purpose-designed as a retrofit PD monitoring system for all commonly used pressurised GIS installations. It’s easy to deploy for permanent or shorter term monitoring and highly cost-effective.

  • PD Hawk - Switchyard PD Locator

    PD Hawk - Switchyard PD Locator

    The PD Hawk™ is uniquely effective for detecting and locating internal and surface PD activity in open terminal switchyards. With the ability to measure emissions in the 47 – 1000MHz frequency range the PD Hawk™ is able to identify and disregard non-destructive corona and non-PD emissions. Surveying can then be carried out at a quiet frequency around the center frequency of 800MHz, to easily identify individual sources of partial...

  • UltraTEV Plus - Partial Discharge (PD) Detector

    UltraTEV Plus - Partial Discharge (PD) Detector

    The UltraTEV Plus+™ combines all the best features of the UltraTEV Detector™ and so much more all in one hand-held instrument. The UltraTEV Plus+™ is a handheld instrument used to detect and measure partial discharge in high voltage assets, including, but not limited too; switchboards, cable boxes, cables and outdoor switchyards. The UltraTEV Plus+™ is the most versatile and effective handheld partial discharge instrument...

  • UltraTEV Locator

    UltraTEV Locator

    The UltraTEV Locator™ takes the investigation of Partial Discharge (PD) activity to a new level of accuracy and sophistication, allowing you to avoid power outages and maintain asset health. The UltraTEV Locator™ is the most powerful, versatile Partial Discharge (PD) investigation unit in the world. The device itself is portable and easy to use with minimal training required. It works with all existing substation assets, including cables...

  • UltraTEV Alarm

    UltraTEV Alarm

    The UltraTEV Alarm™ provides continuous monitoring of substation switchgear. The UltraTEV Alarm™ has the ability to identify faults and safety issues BEFORE they lead to failures make it the Partial Discharge (PD) activity early warning system that businesses cannot be without. The UltraTEV Alarm™ can monitor over 100 assets simultaneously using its multi-node sensor units and will raise the alarm if one or more reaches critical PD...