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  • Hydrometry

  • Hydrometry - Surface & Groundwater Level & quality

    Hydrometry - Surface & Groundwater Level & quality

    For efficient and accurate aquifer study, short and long term monitoring and data logging of hydrological sites, ELARD offers rugged and efficient sampling and monitoring equipment from different suppliers. These monitoring equipment and probes can be used for profiling, sampling, permanent data logging, and can be installed together with stand alone communication and telemetry equipment to permit remote control and data transmission as well as a...

  • Hydrometry - Automatic Sampling System

    Hydrometry - Automatic Sampling System

    As water monitoring requirements become broader and more demanding, Water samples often need to be taken using correct and accurate interval with proper way of transport, and coupled with flow data will be able to give signification data that will help analysis beyond measurement of pollutants and dissolved substances.