Earth’s Outlet, Inc. is a provider of organic materials and natural products, representing industry leading manufacturers as an exclusive distribution supplier and market image. Bringing together a vast array of relationships, strategic alliances, and growth strategies, we partner with high quality manufacturers of all-natural and organic products to accomplish more than simply selling a good product. Growing with them as they expand their manufacturing and distribution base, we provide the vehicle that allows them to take a greater role in leading the organic industry. With continued product line success and a growing market, we bring to the consumer the best of Earth’s technology.

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PO Box 691915 , Houston , Texas 77269 USA

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Earth’s Outlet’s vision revolves around our motto, “Think organic. Grow natural. Live healthy.“

Think organic.

We recognize that the growing success of the organic industry is based on an educated mindset in the average consumer. More than a shifting trend, interest in naturally based products and services is steadily increasing. To sustain and accelerate the growth of the industry, education for the consumer as well as the next generation must be continually provided that is scientifically and factually based. Quality standards and accountability must also be strengthened by leaders in the industry to encourage and maintain consumer trust. The organic industry must also grow in marketing strength, effectively promoting and branding its products and services in a consumer economy. Earth’s Outlet, Inc. is active and innovative in all of these areas.

Grow natural.

Just as any human, plant, or animal grows best when it grows naturally, so must individual manufacturers, the industry as a whole, and Earth’s Outlet itself. Working with our manufacturers, we ensure that production growth does not compromise quality on the one hand, nor market exposure overwhelm our capacity on the other. The organic industry, having survived a tumultuous growth stage of fads, scams, and blunders, is now entering a maturing stage in which much potential can be realized. As a part of the industry, Earth’s Outlet, Inc. is growing as well on a solid foundation of key relationships and a strong dedication to quality and integrity.

Live healthy.

Earth’s Outlet, Inc. is growing and positioning itself to be a key player in the organic industry for a long time to come. We also want our personal and business success to be the result of bettering the lives of our neighbors, improving the environment, and passing on a healthier tomorrow to the next generation.