EARTHSAVERS Erosion Control Products is dedicated to manufacturing superior “BMP” erosion control products and supplying a distribution chain that promotes local point of purchase opportunities which help customers meet their storm water compliance requirements. Our products include three distinctive straw wattle diameters as well as our Weighted Wattle,and our Sediment Saver drain inlet bags. All products are designed to meet a complex variety of erosion control and vegetation needs: slope protection, reclamation, sediment retention, slope length reduction, capture inlet sediment, stabilize soil after forest fires and specialized landscaping. Optimum performance of all EARTHSAVERS products can be expected when installed according to manufacturer recommended specifications. EARTHSAVERS manufactures the products that provide the solutions.

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1425 E Beamer Street , Woodland , California 95776 USA

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Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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As innovator and developer of the original Rice Straw Wattle, ESEC stands today as a respected leader in the erosion control industry. Our production and warehouse facility, located in Woodland, CA, successfully serves and supports a vast network of distributors by consistently providing our valued customers with efficient and accurate order processing and the timely delivery of a full line of superior geosynthetic and natural fiber landscaping, erosion, and sediment control products.

Initially developed as a solution to the California Air Quality ban on burning rice straw stubble, wattle manufacturing is directly responsible for taking countless tons of this agricultural ‘by-product’ out of the state’s waste stream. This has resulted in a somewhat unique and mutually beneficial situation for both farmers and environmentalists.

Our success as manufacturer and distributor of Rice Straw Wattles has enabled us to expand our role as one of the West Coast’s preferred sources for landscaping and erosion control products. We are proud to be a Master distributor of a full line of BMP materials and supplies, including: geosynthetic and natural blankets, fabrics, logs, groundcover, twine, staples, and stakes. In addition, we have CPESC sales people on staff to assist our distributors and their customers with finding technical solutions to all specified product applications, both private and public.