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  • Piezometers

  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer

    Vibrating Wire Piezometer

    The vibrating-wire piezometer is widely used for measuring pore water pressure in soil and rocks and for measuring groundwater level. The extremely sturdy, long-lasting sensor consists of a cylindrical stainless steel casing housing a vibrating-wire absolute pressure transducer, a fluid chamber and a sintered filter The pressure exercised by the water on the transducer distorts the metal diaphragm on which one end of the vibrating wire is fixed. This...

  • Piezometric Casings Casagrande Piezometer

    Piezometric Casings Casagrande Piezometer

    It is essential to know the static liquid pressure of the groundwater and pore water in waterlogged land when checking the stability of all works that could be affected by the aquifer underneath. This information can be obtained by using a PVC casing formed by several blind and micro-slotted tubes assembled together in a borehole so as to form an Open tube piezometer. The filters and diameters of these tubes can differ, depending on the type of...