EBE is an independent company delivering energy saving solutions to a multitude of markets. These include; industrial processes; food manufacture; sports and recreation; laundry; chemical and biochemical markets. Our products are innovative, trouble-free and contribute both to lower energy consumption and the reduction in CO2 output. Focusing on a systems approach, we are able to offer you the following solutions: Condensate return systems, evaporative colling systems.

Company details

9 Charles Street , Newbury , Berkshire RG14 6QP United Kingdom

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Internationally (various countries)
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less than 1,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Ebe Engineering Ltd is a Mechanical or Industrial Engineering company located in 9 Charles St, Newbury, United Kingdom.

Focusing on a systems approach, we are able to offer you the following solutions:

Condensate Return Systems
Losses from steam systems substantially contribute to a company’s waste gas emissions and increased energy costs. EBE supplies steam traps that are based on a completely new concept by replacing the traditional mechanical components with solid-state venturi orifice technology. Utilising the venturi orifice technology EBE offers energy surveys that have provided customers with a payback in less than 12 months.

Evaporative Colling Systems
Evaporative air-cooling is not only emission free, but it is far cheaper to fit and run than refrigerant based air conditioning. Evaporative air-cooling technology is simple, functional, can be used in both industrial and commercial applications and consumes less than a quarter of the energy of refrigerative air-conditioning systems. It provides excellent cooling properties and ventilation with minimal energy consumption, maintaining temperatures at or around 20°C.


Why should you export?

  • If you have an established local market and the product and service is competitive, there’s no reason why with proper planning it could not compete overseas.
  • Improve economies of scale
  • Increase revenue and profit
  • Have a smoothing effect on your order book
  • Help to defend Local sales

How we can help

  • Analysing target markets
  • Producing and developing full marketing and sales plans
  • that give a practical outline of how European exports can
  • be developed
  • Develop sales through locally sourced agents or third party  distributors
  • Supporting marketing and PR activities in the target
  • markets (translating brochures, developing PR plans and
  • organising local exhibitions)
  • Help to iron out cultural and linguistic differences to
  • facilitate andimprove communications through some direct  representation
  • EBE Consulting offers a full service for exporters, whether that is outbound or inbound companies

Direct sales
Through our own staff we are able to represent your product in the European market. We can also assist you in the process of establishing direct sales in our chosen market.

Indirect sales

With an extensive network of customers and contacts throughout Europe, EBE Engineering can help you develop a comprehensive sales operation of agents or distributors quickly and efficiently.

EBE has a network of technically competent translators that are able to offer you translations to a high quality. All our translators are native European language speakers.        

General export support factors:

  • Existing in-house knowledge
  • Market trends and competitors activities
  • Tailor made market research can identify potential sales  channels and customers

Understanding the market is the key to success and will help to define business actions.

Business culture and language
Understanding foreign business culture is an important bridge to facilitate trade. Lack of understanding can lead to:

  • Difficulties with agents and distributors
  • Inability to make effective contacts at trade fairs and
  •  exhibitions
  • Poor translation causing hilarity or confusion
  • Inability to capitalise on opportunities
  • Lack of cultural affinity
  • Lack of confidence
  • Phone and switchboard enquiries not followed up
  • Customers unable to access information needed about   the product or service

Routes to Market

  • Through your own people from headquarters
  • Independent agents in territory
  • Third party Distributors in territory
  • Franchisees
  • Through your own people in territory

Determining the right route to market is fundamental to profitable export business. Establishing the correct contacts quickly avoids unnecessary expense and the all too often long lead-time between investment and return.