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  • Stormwater Treatment

  • Echelon - Continuous Deflective Separator (CDS)

    Echelon - Continuous Deflective Separator (CDS)

    The CDS hydrodynamic separator is a premier technology when it comes to treating stormwater runoff. Other treatment devices rely primarily on gravity settling out sediment in the runoff, which requires large tanks to provide sufficient settling times. The CDS uses the stormwater flow to help drive the treatment of the runoff, decreasing the size of the unit needed for a site.

  • Echelon - Model MSR - Oil Water Separator

    Echelon - Model MSR - Oil Water Separator

    MSR Coalescing Plate Modules are designed to separate oil from water utilizing only gravity for motive force and the buoyancy of oil droplets. Unlike large empty-tank separators, they enable maintaining laminar flow of the oil droplets. The Coalescing Plates are closely spaced to minimize rise distance and ensure capture of even very small droplets. As more droplets are captured they form a layer on the plates, merge into larger droplets and evenly...

  • Echelon - Media Filtration System (MFS)

    Echelon - Media Filtration System (MFS)

    Media Filtration System is a stormwater treatment device comprised of one or more structures that house rechargeable, self-cleaning, media-filled cartridges that trap particulates and absorbs pollutants such as dissolved metals, hydrocarbons, nutrients, metals, and other common pollutants found in stormwater runoff.

  • PhosphoSorb - Lightweight Media

    PhosphoSorb - Lightweight Media

    PhosphoSorb is a lightweight media built from a Perlite base that removes total phosphorus (TP) by adsorbing dissolved-P and filtering particulate-P simultaneously. It not only removes phosphorous but is also designed to capture TSS, Oil and Grease, soluble metals, and nutrients.

  • Echelon - Stormfilter

    Echelon - Stormfilter

    Stormfilter is a media filtration device used to treat stormwater runoff containing contaminants such as suspended solids, hydrocarbons, nutrients and metals. Particulate and dissolved pollutants are trapped or absorbed by high surface area media-filled cartridges. A number of different media types are available to allow for customized pollutant removal, and different cartridge heights facilitate hydraulic conditions and confined depth...

  • Stormwater Storage

  • ChamberMaxx  - Underground Open Bottom Infiltration/Retention Stormwater Storage System

    ChamberMaxx - Underground Open Bottom Infiltration/Retention Stormwater Storage System

    The ChamberMAXX system is an underground open bottom infiltration/retention stormwater storage system constructed from rigid corrugated HDPE, making it a strong, durable storage solution. With its low profile, 1.39 cubic meters of stormwater storage per chamber, and designs for HS-20 & HS-25 live loads, ChamberMAXX is the ideal choice for sites that have minimal ground cover i.e. parking lots, roadways.

  • DuroMAXX - Steel Reinforcing (SR)

    DuroMAXX - Steel Reinforcing (SR)

    Eighty (80) ksi steel reinforcing (SR) provides the strength; pressure rated polyethylene (PE) resin provides the durability. The combination of materials results in an extraordinarily strong and durable pipe that sets a new industry standard.

  • TerreArch - Multi-Chambered Precast Concrete System

    TerreArch - Multi-Chambered Precast Concrete System

    TerreArch is Contech’s multi-chambered, precast concrete system for stormwater detention and infiltration that is engineered specifically for underground installation. With a load bearing rating of HS-25, the fiber re-enforced arch structure is capable of supporting heavy gross weight trucks and machinery with virtually no cover required, allowing installation equipment direct access to the site during installation.

  • Combined Sewer- Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment

  • Echelon - Raked Bar Screen

    Echelon - Raked Bar Screen

    The Raked Bar Screen is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective screening system for large combined sewer overflows (CSOs). It incorporates a horizontal fixed stainless steel bar-rack and a TIVAR* screen comb. The bars are continually raked by the hydraulically driven comb assembly. Maintenance of the Raked Bar Screen is minimal, and can be performed from the top/clean water side of the screen. TIVAR is the registered trademark of Poly Hi...

  • SanSep - Static Screening Devices

    SanSep - Static Screening Devices

    SanSep provides an efficient level of solids removal, as compared to other mechanical and static screening devices that are typically used in wet weather excess sanitary flow treatment. The SanSep utilizes our partner, PWTech’s patented technology which allows screening of the solids without blocking. The SanSep can be used in municipal, industrial, commercial and residential stormwater applications.

  • Combined Sewer- Combined Sewer Overflow Storage

  • Echelon - Tipping Buckets

    Echelon - Tipping Buckets

    Tipping Buckets provides a simple solution for flushing retention tanks – maintaining Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) capacity and prevents problems arising from stagnant effluent such as septicity and unpleasant odours. Tipping Buckets are versatile in design, capable of cleaning a retention tank over 56m long and 16m wide in a single flush, and can be designed with multiple Tipping Buckets for systems over 56m wide. These robust stainless...

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  • Bridges and Structures- Plate

  • Multi-Plate Structures

    Multi-Plate Structures

    Fast, Easy, Low-Cost Installation with Proven Durability. MULTI-PLATE structures, consisting of field bolted galvanized steel plates, have a long history of strength, durability and economy. The structures offer high combined live and dead loads and are well-suited for deep cover applications.

  • Aluminum Box Culvert

    Aluminum Box Culvert

    Practical, Cost-Effective Solution for Small Bridge Replacement. Aluminum Box Culverts are a practical and cost-effective solution for small bridge replacement. The wide-span, low-rise shapes are lightweight as well as fast and easy to install. Spans to 35 feet.

  • Erosion Control- Hard Armor

  • ArmorFlex - Flexible Interlocking Matrix

    ArmorFlex - Flexible Interlocking Matrix

    ArmorFlex is a flexible, interlocking matrix of cellular concrete blocks of uniform size, shape, and weight used for hard armor erosion control. ArmorFlex blocks have specific tested hydraulic capacities and are laced longitudinally with revetment cables to provide ease-of-handling and rapid installation.

  • ArmorLoc - Concrete Interlocking Blocks

    ArmorLoc - Concrete Interlocking Blocks

    ArmorLoc concrete interlocking blocks are designed to control erosion. The ArmorLoc system provides easy and economical installation when equipment is not feasible. ArmorLoc is installed manually over site-specific filter fabric on a prepared surface.

  • Erosion Control- Geogrids

  • E GRID - Biaxial Geogrids

    E GRID - Biaxial Geogrids

    E'GRID biaxial geogrids confine aggregate subjected to dynamic loads, restraining movement and effectively increasing the aggregate shear strength. In turn, vehicle-induced loads are spread more efficiently, producing reduced pressure on less competent subgrades. As a result, thinner layers of biaxial geogridconfined aggregate result in comparable subgrade loadings to thicker, non-confined layers. With reduced aggregate quantities,...

  • Pipe- Corrugated Metal Pipe

  • HEL-COR - Corrugated Metal Pipe

    HEL-COR - Corrugated Metal Pipe

    HEL-COR is Contech’s standard corrugated metal pipe (CMP) that can provide a service life of over 100 years. HEL-COR is available in a large variety of materials, coatings, and sizes to meet site specific needs, and HEL-COR’s continuous locked seams and annular corrugated ends allow for a variety of standard couplings to be used.

  • Smooth Cor - Corrugated Metal Pipe

    Smooth Cor - Corrugated Metal Pipe

    Smooth Cor is a CMP pipe with a hydraulically smooth steel liner coated with polymer coating. This combination makes Smooth Cor Pipe the economical and performance alternative to reinforced concrete pipe in difficult situations such as weak soils, poor subsurface drainage conditions, steep slopes, and high fills.

  • Pipe- Corrugated Metal Pipe- Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Pipe

  • Model A-2000 - Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Pipe

    Model A-2000 - Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Pipe

    With a 100+ year service life, A-2000 withstands corrosive attack from both acidic and alkaline soils, is unaffected by chemicals found in normal sewage, and is a cost-effective alternative to other pipe products.