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  • Seamless Treatment of Time Data

    Seamless Treatment of Time Data

    Treatment of time-varying data is slowly becoming more common amongst data-handling software packages. However, in many cases support for time data is implemented as a cumbersome add-on feature.

  • Eonfusion - 4D Analysis Software

    Eonfusion - 4D Analysis Software

    Eonfusion is a unique application that provides cutting-edge 4D analysis and visualization of time-varying spatial data. It allows users to streamline the integration of large and diverse data sets, explore relationships among multiple variables, and easily communicate complex results in an engaging way.

  • Easy Data Visualization, Analysis And Fusion

    Easy Data Visualization, Analysis And Fusion

    Eonfusion gives you the ability to do things with your data that you've never done before, through a fast and simple interface that you can quickly learn how to use. It combines: rich interactive 4D visualization, genuine multi-layered data fusion, flexible data analysis, either in-program or via exports.

  • Intuitive Workflow System

    Intuitive Workflow System

    Eonfusion workflow consists of two main parts: building a dataflow and building a scene view. A dataflow is built by simply creating dataflow objects and linking them together. This is done in an easy-to-use visual environment. Data source objects read data from files, databases or the web. Operator objects perform operations on the data: either modifying the data in some way, fusing data together or creating new data via analysis. View objects provide...

  • Flexible Multi-dimensional Data Model

    Flexible Multi-dimensional Data Model

    Eonfusion's multi-dimensional data model frees you from the constraints that are imposed by many spatial data processing tools. The scene views that are used for visualizing data are presented in generic 4-space: the traditional x, y, z and time could just as easily be any other four coordinates. Spatial and non-spatial coordinates can be interchanged, moved around or swapped entirely. You can map any coordinate to the time slider, yielding a simple yet...