ECI - Environmental Coatings, Inc.

ECI - Environmental Coatings, Inc.

We are the leading provider of environmentally advanced coatings that are very low- or 0-VOC and deliver targeted solutions for the prevention and remediation of hazardous materials, molds, viruses, and bacteria while safeguarding our environment. Our liquid-applied vapor barrier and waterproofing system consisting of 4EVERCRETE and IMPENECRETE saves time, keeps existing concrete in place and is more cost-effective when compared to traditional methods. In addition to our asbestos/lead encasement, vapor barrier & waterproofing, flooring and other specialty systems, we are pleased to offer consulting and project management services. ECI can also provide field management expertise and the support services necessary for you to complete your job timely and effectively.

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36 Eagle Rock Way , Montclair , New Jersey 07042 USA
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

What Is Encasement?
In the management of mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint, there are five options: do nothing, encapsulate, enclose, remove and replace, or encase.  Of these five, encasement is your best option in terms of cost, time requirements, and disruption. Encasement is a spray, roller, or brush applied liquid sealant that dries to form a solid, monolithic coating that totally encloses (encases) the surface, leaving no possibility for contact with asbestos fibers, mold, or lead transmission.

ECI's FiberTech Encasement System includes a primer (partially absorbed into the substrate) followed by an outer sealer coating for durability and wear. The completed system bonds into the underlying substrate and forms a highly elastic protective membrane. These water-based, non-toxic acrylic polymer coatings add minimal weight to the substrate, unlike other encapsulants. The hazardous material is rendered safe due to the impervious coating system.